March 9, 2018

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  • Friday morning here and most everyone was working on their school work by the time I started stirring. Not everyone though, Anderson was watching his Minecraft videos this morning. He knew that everyone else were working on their school work, but he doesn't care at all.
  • They were all working so well that I made muffins and let everyone work while we waited on them to bake. Once they were ready, everyone ate in my room while I did our reading for the day.
  • School went well today since I hardly had to work with anyone. School is definitely getting lighter around here though I did notice today that Anderson still has lots of grammar and writing to finish. Reagan had to work a bit during the summer last year to finish hers, so I guess that he will have do some work this summer possibly.
  • Everyone finished before lunch so I read a few books as everyone ate. Then the kids had some free time this afternoon. Graham and I played a basketball game outside. I beat him which he was none to happy about. Later though, he played Robby, and Graham did win. 
  • Anderson and I spent a good bit of time working on a puzzle this afternoon. We finished a 500 piece puzzle and immediately started on another 300 piece. The afternoon flew by mainly because I took a nap for some of it.
  • I took the boys to basketball tonight. Their coach from Immanuel asked if they wanted to play on Friday nights this spring with some other kids. Both boys were a bit nervous even though they would know at least 2 kid there, including Cash. As we were driving there, Anderson said that his stomach was doing flips. I concluded that he was talking about my driving but instead he said that he was nervous about tonight.
  • There was just a gym full of boys shooting hoops when we arrived. Cash walked in with them so I think that they soon felt better and probably felt even better when I stopped trying to take their pictures since I had forgotten to during the day.
  • Keaton and I then ran to Arbys to pick up supper and then to Kroger for a movie and popcorn. Everyone was starving when we made it home from our errands. We ate and then settled in to watch a movie with the girls. Whitman hibernated in our bedroom watching a movie of his own. 
  • Everyone had popcorn and chocolate while watching the movie. Anderson and Graham spent the night with Dana and were playing the playstation last we heard. I am sure that they had a big night.

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