March 3, 2018

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  • Last night when I we went to bed, I joked that I better set my alarm for 9 so I could get up in time to take Whitman to his birthday party. Robby laughed and said that we would be up way before then. Indeed we were up much earlier than that, but we sure didn't leave the bed and my alarm did ring while I was still laying in my bed.
  • Everyone else was already awake and had eaten breakfast. I just had to ask Whitman once if to put on his clothes for the party. This was his first friend birthday party to go to by himself. He was so excited and so very polite today. 
  • The party was an adopt a pet party. It was adorable, and Whitman ate it all up. The kids picked out a stuffed animal, made it a collar, made it a house, filled out the birth certificate, picked out a blanket and then gave it a check up. Whitman is so proud of his new little stuffed puppy, and it is sleeping right beside his bed.
  • While we were gone, everyone else ended up outside. They really spent all day long outside. There is much playing in the woods which is fine but the kids are all scratched up. Anderson even has a huge scratch across his cheek. 
  • On the way home, I picked up Graham. He had spent the night at Grannymom's house and came home with money in his pocket since he helped with some yard work with Pops and Jason. He had fun, but he was ready to get home and catch up with Cash. 
  • After I came home from Whitman's party, I was home for about 15 minutes when I loaded back up and headed to church again. I picked up Reagan from her sleepover and brought her home to shower and repack. Once she had done this, I loaded up again and took her to Camryn's house to spend the night. 
  • When I finally came home, I was home for good. Robby had spent some of the morning and the afternoon working on building the new shelves for the girls' closet. They weren't too hard to build so when he was done, we took them upstairs.
  • The girls and I had already done a bit of prework yesterday and that certainly helped. We moved their drawers out, and I filled up their new drawers and straightened the rest of their closet. 
  • One set of their old drawers went to the boys' closet. Robby helped switch over some of their clothes and then I did the rest and straightened the rest of their closet. We also added some drawers that were in the attic into their closet so I had to fill them up as well.
  • So the drawers that were in the attic were full of things I am keeping for my grandkids (yes, really). I am not too happy about how that stuff ended up since I just had to bag it up and put it in bins. It will work but isn't ideal.
  • We measured (incorrectly) and brought the larger now extra drawers down to the school room closet. We were just about a half inch off from it fitting. Exhaustion was setting in so we just left those drawers in the school room which is now becoming full with the tall table from the kitchen in there as well. (School room redo will happen this summer or maybe right before the road trip.)
  • Since the big drawers didn't work, we brought down the little drawers. That meant that we had to empty a shelf and stack it on another shelf before reloading it. Robby had to move and work on plugging in the printer. The new drawers fit perfectly in the school room...except, I don't have anything in them. I really have no idea what I should put in them. I know that I will soon have them crammed full.
  • Now, it seems like whenever we had projects like today, the kids are wild and in the way. They weren't today at all since they were mostly outside...until I was leaving the third time. The girls stopped me and asked if they could bake cookies. They were in the neighbors yard, and I assumed (wrongly) that they were going to make cookies at their house. I said sure if it was fine with their mom and drove off. I also assumed (wrongly) that they were going to make slice and bake cookies.
  • A bit later, Robby called and asked, "you said they could make cookies?" I didn't understand they had meant bake cookies from scratch at our house in the middle of our drawer shuffle. We told them they had to wait until I came home. Once I was home, they worked on their cookies and did it all by themselves. They had even "cleaned" the kitchen. The disasters that we had left in the living room (from building the drawers), the girls' room and closet, the attic, the boys' room and the school room were fine, but the kitchen mess bothered Robby enough that he had to clean it up right then. Their cookies were quite good, and I might just have one again tonight.
  • Robby and Graham went to eat at Freddys tonight while the rest of us had showers and ate some supper. The kids facetimed Grannymom and Grandpa before everyone headed on to bed. They were all very exhausted and so am I!

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