March 11, 2018

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  • Now, we scramble around every single Sunday morning, but it should be of no surprise that we were running around even more this morning. My Anderson and Graham were still the first ones up and were all ready this morning when I made my circle trying to wake everyone up.
  • We didn't think that we were going to make it to church in time to see the grands before it started, but we did. Everyone was able to collect their candy before church started. 
  • As soon as we sat down and the music started, Whitman said that he needed to go to the bathroom. I couldn't remember making him go when he put on his clothes so I figured that his request was legitimate. Robby took him out and they were indeed gone for a good bit. As soon as that boy returned though, he told me that he needed a drink of water. I think that he thought he had found his ticket out of big church. It didn't work though. 
  • Whitman did have the hiccups during most of the service and a drink of water would have probably helped. He even listened some during the service. Miller was talking about Moses facing consequences for not obeying God. Whitman leaned over to me and said, "Moses could have told God that he was sorry." 
  • After church, I took the little girls to the coffee shop to spend the last little bit of their gift cards. They have had so much fun with their gift cards. Today they just have 50 cents left over, but that didn't matter to them because they brought plenty of money. They both left with a drink and candy. I know people will be upset when we don't go back to the coffee shop next week since their gift cards are gone. I do enjoy those scones from that coffee shop so maybe Robby will just take me.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house. She had lasagna and all of the fixings for lunch. I definitely enjoyed the chocolate cake that she had for dessert. Afterwards, the kids played for a bit and then we headed home for our afternoon naps.
  • Robby and I tried to get Whitman to lay down with us, but it didn't work as well this Sunday as it did last Sunday so we sent him on his way. We were able to snooze for a bit, and then woke up and started to work in the kitchen. I made eggs for our healthy week next week while Robby worked on supper. We had breakfast for supper so I took the opportunity to pump Anderson and Graham with grape juice, which is supposed to protect against the stomach bug. They have been exposed to the stomach bug but hopefully, it will skip right over them.
  • After supper, we picked up this place, and Graham, Campbell and I worked on our 3rd puzzle in the last few days. Anderson received a set of Star Wars puzzles from Jason, and he is determined to finish them. Graham has even borrowed 2 from Nonna for us to work next when this last Star Wars puzzle is finished. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out how I can fit a puzzle table in our living room. (I am also trying to figure out how I can fit a couch at the foot of our bed.)
  • Much of the evening and afternoon has been spent making videos by people. Reagan is usually the director and tells everyone else exactly what to do-sounds a bit like her! Now, Campbell made her own video but Graham and Reagan messed it up a bit at the end so she has decided that she will make another one in the morning. 
  • Anderson and Keaton spent a good deal of time this evening making a Walmart on Minecraft. Anderson has been watching Minecraft videos on youtube along with reading a Minecraft book so it is all Minecraft here all the time-along with puzzles and videos.
  • Because of time change, no one was tired at bedtime and it definitely was obvious. I went upstairs at least once, and when I did, I discovered Whitman and Graham in bed together which was obviously causing quite a bit of problems!

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