March 2, 2018

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  • After writing last night on the blog that I wasn't a morning person, I was wide awake after my alarm rang this morning. I did fight back the urges to be a morning person as much as I could since who wants to start being a morning person on Friday morning. I still did get out of bed a bit earlier than usual and quickly started on our Friday muffins.
  • Whitman and Keaton helped me. Campbell did a bit but was huffy that there wasn't more for her to do. Muffin mix, milk and stir doesn't leave much for many people to do. Everyone ate their muffins while I read, and then we moved to my bedroom where I read some more. 
  • I have started laying out all of my school books each morning-a pile of our together work and then a pile for each kid of what I have to work with them on. It helps so when they hand me something that needs correcting, I can just lay it on their pile to get to when we work together. It does help tremendously, but if I look too long at all of my piles I can be quickly overwhelmed.
  • Now, today wasn't an overwhelming day. This was our 4th day of school this week so no spelling for anyone which gave me plenty of time to get in my Whitman work together time, and I was also able to pull out school for next week.
  • We had lunch and then everyone finished up their chores for the week. I am not exactly sure that my potties were cleaned adequately or even at all. Oh, well there is always next week; we don't plan on having any guests this weekend. Well, Cash is over here now but since he is family, he doesn't count as a guest.
  • Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Graham. He had a fun night out-eating at chickfila and even getting a new pair of shoes. For everyone else, the neighbors were outside so most of the afternoon was spent playing with them. Cash came over this afternoon so he played out with everyone.
  • Robby, Whitman and I took Reagan to church to head to Alyssa Kate's birthday party. She was pretty excited about going but was not looking forward to the bike ride tomorrow. Then we ran to Freddys to grab something to eat and bought everyone else some food on the way home. 
  • Once home, the kids ate, and then they played a loud game of "hide and seek tag." Afterwards, they showered and watched a movie upstairs while Robby and I caught up on some of our computering. We let the kids stay up crazy, crazy late...possibly because they were being quiet upstairs watching a movie and we possibly forgot about them.

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