March 14, 2018

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  • At 7, Robby climbed out of bed to turn my oven on for me. I had made batter for banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. So as soon as the oven beeped, I was out of bed scooping out batter. (I have been really trying to eat healthy this week yet I have made 2 batches of cookies, Robby has made one batch plus I have made muffins. I guess if I am not eating, then all I can think about doing is cooking.)
  • I was out of the shower by the time the timer went off when the muffins were done. The boys were already stirring so I had to wake up the girls. We had Alyssa Kate since she spent the night with us. The girls ate their muffins, and then they got themselves ready.
  • Graham took his cookies to Bible study, Alyssa Kate had her stuff, everyone had their Bibles and Bible study books, Whitman had a coat and everyone even had their shoes on. I thought we were doing so well until I sat down and looked in my bag for my Bible study book which wasn't there!
  • It was fine not having my book but still a bit frustrating. Everyone had a good day, and after Bible study we headed to pick up pizza and then the park. We bought pizza since it was National Pi day and because we had one more certificate for free pizza.
  • We concluded our morning out with our weekly run to Dairy Queen. We then headed home for the afternoon. I read our history with the kids, worked with Whitman, did a bit of Lego-ing with Anderson, walked on the treadmill, made the dough for St. Patrick's Day cookies and heated up supper for everyone. The kids may not have thought that it was a busy afternoon, but I sure did.
  • As soon as we gobbled down supper, we headed to church with a stop at the library on the way. I have about 75 books checked out right now, with 25 more on hold, and about 20 more that I want to read before our big trip. I should really just scratch all of my spring break plans and just read all week long.
  • Church was fine tonight. I had hoped that my kiddos would go out to the playground to play, but since it was a bit too cold, I had to do my Wednesday night preschool game leader job! On the way home, we listened to our current book on tape. 
  • Once we did make it home, the drive home on Wednesdays seems so incredible long, everyone put on pajamas and had a cookie before bedtime.

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