March 27, 2018

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  • This morning seems so long ago that I can really barely remember it. Whitman was a bit sour because he didn't have time to eat here at the house and had to eat his breakfast in the car. I am sure that he forgot about not wanting to eat in the car as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.
  • The rest of us had our breakfasts. I did let the kids make scrambled eggs in a mug in the microwave. Let me tell you, that is truly a game changer. Unfortunately, 2 eggs in everyone's mugs means that we are already dipping into our Easter egg dying eggs.
  • After our breakfast, we headed to my room to work on our together work. We are still plugging away on our history, but we did finish our science today. That is fine because we still have plenty of books to read to go along with our history book, and there are books about our upcoming trip that are on the to-read shelf.
  • Everyone did well on their work today. I do think that Reagan's writing is pretty tough right now-I know I never had to write stuff like she is or maybe I have just forgotten. Thank goodness she kind of has picked it up quickly and knows what she needs to be doing.
  • After we finished school for the day, we had our lunch and then did some chores. The kids tried to find the neighbors, but they couldn't come out today. There was still lots of in and out. We get more use out of the basketball goal than anything else in this house. Graham went out and shot some, the girls would play a bit, Anderson even mosied outside. They would do this over and over all afternoon long.
  • Robby picked up Whitman on his way home. He even got in on the playing outside for a bit. They came in and were all a bit wet from the drizzling rain. I wasn't home for too much longer before I headed off for Bunko for the evening.
  • The kids had bbq for supper which they weren't too big on. Everyone had showers since tomorrow is back to Bible study. Anderson is taking his famous chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for his snack so I know that he is pretty excited about tomorrow.

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