March 17, 2018

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  • We probably should have gotten up this morning and made some green pancakes with some green milk, but we didn't. We just told the kids that they could get their own breakfasts. It was Saturday morning after all. 
  • The boys were all awake this morning and Keaton and Reagan even woke up earlier than I thought that they would. Campbell had spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house. She was up at a decent time this morning as well and wanted to bake something else. She had made St. Patties day cupcakes yesterday so today they just made playdough.
  • I did make breakfast burritos this morning but not to eat but to freeze. I did them a bit different this time and just made the filling so we don't have to struggle heating up the tortilla and not getting the insides warm. The kids did a lot of vegging this morning and around 11, Robby and I headed outside to work in the yard.
  • Before we could even start on the yard though, we began working on the garage. It wasn't that bad but there were lots of little things to work on-Robby wanted to fill up the water bottles, but someone had filled up the sink with rocks (presumable Whitman). I wanted to hang a workbench, so Robby had to put hooks in the wall. We want a bike rack for all of the kids bikes, so we had to figure out what might work.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over about this time. Grandpa and Robby worked on a light switch, while Graham helped me make some bread. (It ended up being delicious.) Anderson went home with Grannymom thus missing out on lots of stick picking up.
  • The kids helped us quite a bit with picking up sticks however they are a bit out of practice in their yard work and will need much more practice in the days to come. They were rewarded with popsicles though.
  • Once the kids went inside, they were only in for a bit when the new neighbors came down to play (I say new because they are trying to buy the house next door but they are actually old neighbors since they now live two houses down.) So out the kids went to play, and they played until it was time to leave for the Wilson's house tonight.
  • Some time during the afternoon, Nonna, Pops and Jason brought Campbell home. We had already finished picking up the sticks so her and Anderson will have to do some makeup work tomorrow. It took Robby and I a bit to finish up emptying the trailer, throwing away some old wood, rearranging under the shed, trimming a bush and then cleaning up everything.
  • When we came in, I showered and then got my bread ready to bake. Robby had to throw it in the oven since I was at Kroger. We then met up at the Wilsons. We brought my bread and Campbell's cupcakes. They had some supper, and Shannon even made her cookies, which I have suggested that she start selling. 
  • We stayed until the Hogs finished their baseball game and then it was home for showers and bed.

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