March 24, 2018

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  • I was pretty sure that no one was awake except for Robby and I this morning. It was just after 7 when I walked through the living room. I would have never have known that Graham was awake except that I didn't see his ipad in Robby's office. It was fine that he was awake but that little stinker squandered his last day for a long while to sleep in.
  • I turned on the oven to bake some apple raisin muffins. I had 3 today, and I think that some of my kiddos had one. Though I did see Whitman over the trash spitting some of his muffin out. Seriously, I am raising quite a few people that just won't try anything new.
  • I picked up Shannon at 8, and we headed to Kroger to pick up some sale items. I flew through the store filling up my cart and was delighted to see that my total was less than I had expected. Afterwards, I dropped off Shannon and ran home to get my kiddos ready to head down the road.
  • Tony mentioned getting mulch yesterday, and Robby jumped on that idea. Robby would have gone with us to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, but us getting mulch was much more important since it is has been on our list for ages. 
  • The Easter egg hunt was again lots of fun. The first thing the kids did was hit the bouncy houses. Whitman spent a good time playing with the bubble machines while the big kids walked and walked on the cake walk trying to win a baby cinnamon roll or a pickle. 
  • There was an egg toss as well. Reagan and another girls were on a team, Campbell and Keaton were on a team and Anderson and Graham were on another team. Whitman didn't care about playing the egg toss so he went back to the slide.
  • Reagan and her teammate made it to almost the end but the boys ended up winning with Campbell and Keaton in second place. They could not have been any more excited. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt. We had had a talk in the car that they weren't supposed to be greedy during the hunt, but everyone was told that there were plenty of eggs and to even use 2 baskets. 
  • Use 2 baskets they did. The kids filled up bucket after bucket of eggs and would run to me to pour their bucket into a Walmart bag. It was wild and crazy, and they loved it. This year we did leave our eggs there after we emptied them out of all of the candy. The big kids practically filled up their buckets with candy. 
  • After the egg hunt, we had lunch-hot dogs, chips and cookies. Whitman said, "this is a like a restaurant that has games." While the kids ate, I took the now full Easter baskets back to the car-two trips for me! When we had finished eating, we headed home for a bit.
  • The kids helped straighten a tiny bit, and then I headed out to work in the yard for a while with Robby. By this time, the neighbors were already out, and my crew was playing outside as well. This did come in handy when we needed someone to haul a tarp of leaves to the woods.
  • When we finished, Robby ran some errands, and I started on supper. It was after 6:30 when we finished getting supper ready. The Wilsons came over and ate quesadillas with us. We topped off our Spring Break with a pecan pie. The kids played outside and ended their evening by watching a movie.
  • When the Wilsons left, my crew had their showers and then climbed into their beds. Tomorrow might just be another busy day.

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