March 16, 2018

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  • I had warm pumpkin chocolate chip muffins made for the kids this morning-over 2 dozen of them. I had 6 more spots in my muffin tin so I did make a bag of chocolate chip muffins. Of course, my girls only wanted the chocolate chip muffins which caused quite the uproar this morning. Keaton and Reagan do not like the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins which are the best muffins on the entire planet. I guess they all can't be winners.
  • After the muffin dilemma was solved, we started on our reading for the morning. I am knocking out the library books this week since I am trying to get my total number of books lower before we leave for our trip in 60 something days. 
  • School went well. Most everyone had a bit less work to do today. Reagan is writing a 5 paragraph essay. It has been a bit confusing mainly because I am still not too sure what she was actually supposed to write about. It is like I have missed a page of the book (I haven't since the page numbers align.) This is her second day to work on it, but I do think that she does get it today.
  • Whitman was in a very good mood today and let Keaton and Reagan do his reading work with him. I wasn't able to accomplish a whole lot during this time, but it was nice to have the day off from doing his reading book. We have been pretty consistent on doing it at least 4 days a week since January 1st. 
  • Campbell usually dallies during school, or has so lately. Today she knew that Nonna and Pops were coming to get her. I was also quick to remind her that she had to finish school, pack and do her chores along with decorating cookies.
  • We cut out our St. Patrick's Day cookies last night and after Reagan made the icing this morning, we all decorated the cookies. Graham only decorated 3 or 4 of his allotted 5. Whitman only did 3 of his. I guess this was the reason that the girls had plenty of cookies to decorate or maybe I miss divided. Seriously, I think their cookies keep getting better. I guess if Robby's job doesn't pan out, the kids can start a cookie decorating business.
  • We had our lunch as I read a few chapters of a book to the kids. Then Nonna and Pops came to pick up Campbell. Pops cut my cantaloupe for me since my knife skills are lacking. After they left, we all went to work on our leftover chores.
  • My main goal today was pulling out school work for the next time we do school. I sat down just as the Hogs started their comeback in the first half. Unfortunately, their comeback was brief so I then started on working on some of their school work for next year. 
  • The kids all migrated outside and that it where they stayed until it was time for us to leave. It is funny that the kids always seem to be outside or playing happily and quietly when we have to pick up and leave the house. The boys had basketball, and the rest of us met the Wilson's at a Mexican place.
  • Eating out is overrated. I didn't really even like my salsa but one of my enchiladas had a really delicious sauce. Afterwards though, we went to my favorite place-Kroger. We bought some chicken that was on sale along with some cheese, cereal and ice cream. 
  • We picked up the boys, picked up their supper and then went home to enjoy some ice cream with the Wilsons. The boys waited on something on the computer to load while the girls watched a movie. It was a late night for our kiddos since we let them stay up a bit later even after the Wilsons left. There was a homeschooling thing on the news along with watching Virginia play the last big of their ballgame. When it was bedtime though, my people gladly went to bed since they were worn out.

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