March 4, 2018

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  • When I went to bed last night, my stomach was still in a know from all of the stress of having the house in a disarray during our "great drawer switch of 2018," but thankfully this morning everything was back in it's new place, and I felt much better. On the other side of the bed lay Robby, who's back was pretty soar from hauling drawers up and down the stairs. We did make the kids do some of the hauling of drawers, but they don't seem to be as concerned with the paint on the walls as we are.
  • Church this morning, and Whitman did a bit better today. I told him I wouldn't hold him unless he sang so he rarely asked for me to hold him. During the sermon, my rule is you have to have your Bible in your lap. I really don't care if it is open, turned to the wrong book or even upside down. However, I did not approve of Whitman dangling it above his lap by its bookmark. We will get there someday; I shall again here all of a sermon someday.
  • The little girls went to the coffee shop after big church to spend the last little bit of their gift cards. And gracious me, they still have 50 cents left. I don't think that we will ever finish these gift cards. It has been good business for the coffee shop since Graham brought his own money today to buy something, and we even saw Reagan up there though she didn't buy anything. Robby met us up there after dropping Whitman off and bought himself a sausage biscuit and me a scone, which is the most delicious thing ever.
  • After church, we headed to Dickeys to eat lunch. Robby and I had the BBQ nachos which we were pretty disappointed about. The free ice cream and kids eating free did make up for our lack of the nachos. We even had some sandwich bites leftover which Reagan ate for supper tonight.
  • At home this afternoon, Robby and I laid down for our Sunday afternoon nap while the kids played. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton were pretty noisy so Robby called Whitman into our room. We put him between us and even though he tossed and turned, he eventually fell asleep. Now, we know that it is a trade off-Whitman taking an afternoon nap made for a wonderfully peaceful afternoon nap for us but it means that he won't fall asleep until much later tonight.
  • I did get up from my nap to peel a kiwi for Reagan and to tell everyone that they could grab their snacks. I read for a bit before waking up Robby and Whitman. I sure didn't want for Whitman to sleep too long. Soon it seemed like we were trying to figure out supper. Some chose leftovers and others again picked waffles. I ate the rest of our chicken lettuce wraps, and it was just as delicious today as it was the other night.
  • After supper, the kids did some of their school work while we watched a Billy Graham documentary and then watched The Case for Christ movie. We were doing our best to get some religion today. Actually, one of Anderson and Reagan's teachers complimented them today saying that they really knew their Bible. Robby was quick to credit it to CBS and to church. I am glad that they know it, now we just pray that they live it.
  • When the movie was over, we facetimed Grannymom and Grandpa. They were starting their last full day before they begin their travels home. They were talking about Bethlehem and on the other side of the screen was Whitman having a fit because we are not getting to go to Bethlehem too. Apparently, he thought that Bethlehem was on the way to Alaska!

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