March 28, 2018

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  • Graham was the only one dressed this morning when I made the circle checking on the progress of everyone. Anderson and Whitman were up watching videos about minecraft. The girls were all sound asleep. Their room is so dark in the mornings that I think they could have slept another hour or two. (I could have.)
  • Soon everyone was stirring, grabbing breakfast, and loading up in the car. Our load was a bit lighter this morning since we didn't stick around for lunch at Rock Creek so we didn't have lunch to haul with us. We did have Anderson's snack. 
  • The kids love taking snacks to Bible study. I am glad they enjoy it, and I don't really mind. Though Reagan does have snack next week and Campbell and Graham have their snacks the next week.
  • After Bible study, we ran to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. They have more choices so the kids took a while to make their choices. If you are going to Dairy Queen soon, I highly recommend the peanut butter one or the smores. 
  • We were home early and while Robby was out, he picked up a pizza for lunch. The kids devoured it as I read a few stories. Then we all did history before I worked with Whitman on his reading book. 
  • Keaton helped me make cookies for later this week. She would get upset with me while we were baking if I talked louder than a whisper. She knew that if her sisters heard us in the kitchen, they would join her and she would lose out on being the solo helper.
  • Before I knew it, it was time to think about supper. Robby made quesadillas for our supper. We ate and then were back in the car headed to the library and church. The kids had fun at church but no one had as much fun as Graham, who won 2 dollars in his class. I am not sure what he did to earn the money but good for him.
  • Back at home, everyone put on their pjs and had an ice cream sandwich before heading to bed.

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