March 7, 2018

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  • Whitman crawled into our bed at 6:58 by our clock. I am not sure how accurate our clock is, but that must mean that Graham has an alarm set for before 7 or his internal clock is waking him up early. Either way, I tried to get Whitman to go back to sleep, but after laying there for a bit, he was up headed to find someone to help him get his breakfast.
  • My goal on Wednesday mornings is to empty the dishwasher and do the laundry along with, of course, getting myself and everyone else ready for Bible study. There was a time when all of this would happen along with me cleaning the potties. Maybe I was younger then, had more energy or possibly just went to be earlier. Today I did manage to empty the dishwasher which is one of my most dreaded chores. It is silly to dread emptying the dishwasher since it takes about 2 minutes but since I have to do it every single day, I just abhor it. Now, I know that I could have the kids do it but I don't want to start the day off with dishes in the sink.
  • We made it to Bible study in plenty of time this morning. The kids adore their teachers, and they really care about my kiddos. One teacher is so concerned that we are having to bring snack so often. My boys love to bring snacks and sign up whenever they get a chance.
  • After Bible study, we met Robby to pick up pizzas for lunch. I had gift certificates for the pizzas but left them at home, so Robby had to meet us there. We then went to Sara's house to eat our lunch. The kids played some and Reagan, Sara and I got sucked into a puzzle. We stayed until we finished that puzzle. I am sure that Sara was glad that her puzzle was just 500 pieces and not a thousand.
  • The big boys stayed at Sara's house, and I took her girls home with us. Once at home, the girls watched some videos, they played tag, played outside, played dolls and were just busy all afternoon long. Reagan watched a movie or two while she tried to avoid the little girls. Whitman spent some time with me working on his reading book. We are officially on lesson 40-almost halfway there. 
  • I heated up our leftover soup from yesterday for supper along with grilled cheese sandwiches. I guess the girls were too interested in playing because they didn't eat a ton so I have 2 leftover sandwiches in the fridge. After supper, we loaded up and headed to the library and then to church.
  • Tonight was upgrade night so the 4th graders (Graham) went up to see what all the preteens do and the 6th graders (Reagan) went up to check out the youth. Graham loved it and Reagan, and even one of her friends that I talked to, said that she didn't love it. Her exact words were, "all they did was sing and preach." Hmm, kind of like church!
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then ate some of the cookies that Robby had made for everyone. They had a few minutes of downtime before it was finally bedtime for the crew.

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