March 31, 2018-Happy 5th Birthday (party) Whitman!

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  • Today was all about Whitman! It even started with him bursting into our room at 4 this morning. He must have been running down the hallway because he was still going at full speed when he dived into our bed loudly whispering, "I want in the middle." When I woke up later in the morning, Robby was gone. I quickly saw why since Whitman's feet were laying on Robby's pillow. His head was on my pillow, but I had scooted down in the bed and wasn't bothered by any of this.
  • Though just a bit later, I was bothered when the boy took all of the other pillows out of the bed so he could make a spot to watch his movies in the living room. I didn't survive in bed much longer after that.
  • Everyone found their own breakfasts this morning. Robby and I ran to Kroger this morning to pick up a few bargains. When we made it home, Reagan was still sleeping and Keaton had just woken up. 
  • After we unloaded, Robby went to work on the yard and I went to work on the house. Thankfully, most of the birthday party stuff was ready to go already. Cash came over so the boys played outside mostly with him. They did all take turns mowing the yard a bit. Robby said that Graham was very cautious (a good thing), Anderson was a bit wreckless and Campbell didn't want to move the mower at all. She was a bit skittish.
  • At 12:30, I called everyone in so they could grab a bite of lunch to eat. The girls combed their hair, and we were soon loading up the car. We arrived at the soccer fields about an hour to early. We probably didn't need to arrive that early since soon the party was set up and the kids were all playing football. It does help to have lots of hands to help with things.
  • Last year during Whitman's birthday party, he asked when his friends were going to arrive. I tried to explain that his best friends were already there-his brothers and sisters-and he even had his friend Cousin Cash and Cousin Lilly there as well. This didn't fly very well. So this year, we did have friends. Micheal, Ryker and Luke were all there along with his cousins and lots of brothers and sisters. 
  • Whitman had said that he wanted a soccer party so that is what he got. We started with a few soccer games and then sang Happy Birthday. We had chocolate covered pretzels, black and white doughnuts, popcorn, orange slices and soccer cupcakes. 
  • After eating, the kids played for a bit, and then it was present time. My Whitman was super excited about every single thing that he opened. He first opened cookies that Reagan had made for him. They were orange, and he was thrilled. He received candy, books, clothes, a bathing suit, a pillow, a stomp rocket and even more. 
  • Once the party was over, we cleaned up and headed to eat supper. First we had to run a few errands-Kroger (yep, again) for me while Robby bought gas, back into Kroger for one more thing, Target (they didn't have what I wanted) and then finally to ChickFilA for supper. While we were there, Robby and the big three ran to Lowe's to pick up a few things as well.
  • When we made it home, we unloaded the car, and then the kids played outside with Whitman's new stomp rocket. Afterwards, it was shower and chore time. Graham helped me make a corn casserole for tomorrow. Then we watched a bit of basketball before heading to bed. Today was a pretty busy day, and tomorrow will be even busier! 

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