March 25, 2018

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  • The girls were stomping above our head pretty early this morning. They were so loud that I didn't even have to ask if Reagan was awake, I just knew that she would have to be awake with all of that noise happening up there.
  • I couldn't get many takers on my muffins again this morning. Whitman did eat some of one but when it came time to load the car, I asked him if he wanted to bring his breakfast. He said that he ate everything but the muffin, and he didn't want to bring it. I guess my apple raisin muffins were a fail. Though I did send some home with Shannon for Tony to eat (she refused), and he did say they were edible. 
  • After church, Reagan and Anderson's groups stayed for pizza and then 2 hours of jumping at Third Realm. The rest of us went to Nonna's house to eat lunch. She also had a special birthday cake for Whitman to start his birthday celebrations.
  • Graham and Whitman headed home with Robby while Campbell and Keaton headed to run some errands with me. We ran to Lowes, Sams, Walmart, the Dollar Tree, Michael's and Target. I pretty much bought everything that I had on my list for those stores. Well, I did put one project on the back burner since this might just be a busy week with starting school, church and CBS starting back, science fair projects coming up, Easter and all that goes with it, along with Whitman's birthday party. 
  • We made it back to church about 20 minutes before they kids were supposed to arrive. That gave us a chance to see Grannymom and Grandpa as they walked to their car. Then Reagan and Anderson arrived early so we didn't have to wait too long. They had a good time and talked the entire way home about their afternoon.
  • I did a few chores before Robby and I cleaned out the fridge for supper. Unfortunately, we didn't really make a dent in that fridge but it does look a little straighter. We all just hung out and watched tv until bedtime tonight. Campbell did make a package of cookies which everyone promptly devoured. 
  • We tried to put everyone to bed before 9 tonight, and we almost made it though. Maybe tomorrow we will be closer to the perfect 9'o'clock bedtime.

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