March 12, 2018

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  • Not a whole lot was happening this morning when I climbed out of bed. Whitman wasn't too ready to put on his clothes, but he definitely wanted for me to make him a "surprise breakfast," which consisted of a pop tart, milk and a handful of fruit loops.
  • Soon everyone was stirring, thanks to me having to wake up the girls. We had our breakfast while I read and then did some more reading for everyone before starting on school. Graham, then worked with me first. He was in no hurry to finish his school today since he had been banned from his ipad today due to last night's bedtime.
  • School went by quickly enough today, and I even had time to do some organizing for our big school room paint and switcheroo which will probably have to happen after our big trip.
  • The highlight of the afternoon was when Robby made it to question 11 of our HQ game. We had no idea about the 12th questions. Unfortunately, he didn't win. Though I am not quite sure what we would have spent that 3 dollars and 12 cents on. I did offer to pay him 4 dollars so he wouldn't feel too bad about missing out on the windfall.
  • There was at least one more video made this afternoon., I was on the treadmill the entire time that they worked on it. It was cute, and Graham and Campbell even got in on the action. I did some puzzle working with Anderson, one more Star Wars puzzle before Graham begins on his Las Vegas puzzle.
  • Robby and I had chicken and salad for supper while the kids had spaghetti and meatballs. I did think our salad was pretty good but it might have been even better with some meatballs on top. 
  • After supper the neighbors came out, and the kids played until the sun went down. There was a dog outside which at one point took one of Whitman's good shoes. The boys did get it back, thankfully.  Even though Robby tried to shoo the dog off, we told the kids not to play with it, it continued to stick around.
  • When it was finally dark, the kids came in for their showers. Robby and I went upstairs and walked on the treadmills for a bit while watching a Food Network show. I was reminded that I really like eggs benedict or maybe I am just really hungry. 
  • When we finished, it was time for the kids to go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day so they are all excited about all of the events that it holds. 

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