March 23, 2018

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  • After our little Branson run, we slept in quite a bit. Well, all of the kids except for Reagan didn't sleep in. Graham was the first one awake at 7; that poor boy can't sleep late at all. Reagan didn't come down to the stairs until after 11. She was dressed and ready for the day, so she may have been awake for a while.
  • My main task this morning was the laundry and lots of it we had. I think we had clean clothes ready to be folded before we left for Branson and some more in the dryer so that with two days of clothes, I was pretty far behind.
  • Whitman and I worked on his science fair project-The Three States of Matter. We melted ice to make a liquid, froze water to make a solid and even made steam on the stove. I read to him some as well, and as soon as Reagan walked down the stairs, I gathered everyone to read history to them.
  • Reagan then made herself an egg, cheese and meat bagel. Graham then came in and made an egg sandwich. When our lunches were cleaned up, Anderson asked to make chocolate cakes in mugs. So he made 7 of those which took quite a bit of time. I told Robby that it would probably have been easier for us to make a whole cake. His mug cakes were very good. I wasn't going to eat one but ended up eating all of Whitman's since he didn't want his.
  • My kitchen was a busy place today since Campbell and Keaton also made some mixture to make crystals. I didn't really care since they weren't making slime. That fad seems to have passed. I also made batter to make apple raisin muffins at some point tomorrow depending on what time I wake up.
  • The neighbors didn't come outside until 2 or even after. All of the kids played outside all afternoon. Whitman even went down the road to play until Reagan brought him back. We aren't sure if he asked to come back or if he was causing a problem and Reagan encouraged him home with a snack. Either way, he was happy to be home for a snack and a movie.
  • At supper time, we headed to the Wilsons for supper. Tony recreated the potato sausage mixture from Silver Dollar City. Robby also had some hot dogs for the kids along with ice cream for dessert. The kids played Bingo for a cash prize so they were quite for a long while.
  • Shannon and I made our grocery lists for an early morning Kroger run, and then it was time for us to head home. It was a late night for my people and tomorrow is their last day to sleep in!

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