July 10, 2018

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  • Family Farm day two. I had to walk up the steps to make sure that the boys were up this morning. They were moving really slowly getting out of their beds, but they were awake. 
  • Even though Robby left later this morning with everyone, they still had less time in the morning than yesterday. 
  • Once they left, I decided that I would let Whitman sleep so more before waking him up. However, he soon was bouncing down the stairs. I read him a few stories before he put on his clothes and ate his breakfast. Without his brothers and sisters here, I ended up playing a short game of "The Floor is Lava" before it was time for us to leave to VBS.
  • We picked up Charlotte and then headed to VBS. Once I dropped them off, I ran by Grannymom's for a little bit to drop off Whitman's bag since he is spending the night over there.  My next stop was the library followed by home.
  • My morning was busy: finishing the school room, working on some of Whitman's school, cleaning the bathrooms, the treadmill, organizing a few shelves, and eating lunch. This afternoon was a bit slower. I was going to make pumpkin bread but when I counted my eggs I didn't have enough for my Huevos Rancheros that I was going to make for supper along with the pumpkin bread. Then I decided to make apple crisp, but I didn't have pans that I could freeze it in. 
  • Robby and the kids arrived home, excited about their day. Graham was also excited about going to ChickFilA for the dress like a cow day. So I put up all of my supper stuff and started on making spots to turn the kiddos into cows. Anderson and Reagan opted to stay home even though Robby told them that there would no internet at home. I think that just need to decompress after so much activity. 
  • We ran into Jason at ChickFilA and ate with him. Then we did go to the store to pick up a few things-especially eggs so I can make my bread tomorrow but since we didn't make tonight supper, then I still had plenty. (I am determined to make this new recipe though.) Once at home, Graham, Campbell and Keaton joined Anderson who was outside playing with the neighbors and Reagan soon went out as well.
  • We called them in eventually for showers and to make their lunches. They did all of this and then had a few minutes of downtime before bed. So you know your children are tired when they start crying because you won't let them do any school work (Campbell), because you ask them to put on a t shirt (Keaton), and because you won't let them eat a banana from the grocery store without paying (Campbell). Goodness gracious!

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