July 26, 2018

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  • Day 4 of school and after staying up past 10 last night, I had to wake everyone up this morning. I went upstairs first to turn off the fans. I didn't even open the blinds since they had a few more minutes. I did put toothpaste on the toothbrushes and must have made so much noise that soon Anderson and Whitman were downstairs.
  • Everyone else trickled down the steps though I did have to call Reagan a few times before she woke up. I read to everyone while we ate our breakfast. Then we moved to my bedroom, and we read and worked on our meeting work for about an hour.
  • School work then started, and everyone zoomed through their school work. Soon they were doing some last minute packing and chores. I worked speedy fast trying to pull out work for next week for everyone-I guess that we will do school at least one more week!
  • Everyone had paninis for lunch today. Graham has a panini every single day that he eats a sandwich. Today Robby was making one too so I guess that is why everyone else followed suit. I was around for a bit after lunch, and then I ran to the dentist. I had a check up and do need two crowns in the not so distant future.
  • Once I returned home, everyone loaded up Robby's car, and we headed to Nonna's house to drop off the girls. They spent their evening playing in the sprinkler (Campbell), playing on their ipads, eating spaghetti and popcorn.
  • Then we ran back home to pick up Robby's phone. Next was dropping the boys off at Grannymom's house. The boys had a big evening and enjoyed some ice cream before bed. Robby and I high tailed it to Branson once our car was void of kids.
  • Robby and I ate at Billy Bob’s Dairyland, and it was as good as we remembered. Though they did forget about our chocolate fried pie and ice cream for a good while. Afterwards we went to the hotel. 
  • After unloading, we walked around the hotel grounds for a bit before coming back to the room. It is a redone little motel which is pretty nice on the inside. We are watching HGTV, and I am about to start reading a book!

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