July 31, 2018

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  • I didn't wake up for the treadmill this morning, but I did still wake up before everyone else in the house. Graham did come down the stairs first and start right in on his school work. I had to wake everyone else up. I did feel a bit bad about this since they did go to bed late last night, but school was calling their names.
  • I had intended for us to start our breakfast and lunch menu when we started on school. However, when I checked the list this morning, we were low on different kinds of cereal. Now we do have at least 10 boxes of Reagan and Graham's cereal, but that is about it. So I did let everyone grab their own breakfasts. Thankfully, no one opted for a time consuming smoothie or eggs.
  • I read during breakfast and then we started our work together time. That time seemed to fly by today and soon we were on to their own work. I am still not reading with each child and doing spelling with them so next week (or whenever I start that), my school day will be a lot longer. But today, things went well, very well in fact. 
  • Graham had a pretty rough day yesterday, but today he was finished with his school probably by 10. After he finished his chores, he moved on to the xbox. At one point during the day, I wrote Robby about a few things and mentioned how well Graham did today. Graham had already text him to tell him. I think that he was pretty proud of himself.
  • Whitman was the last one to finish school today. I was still helping him finish up after lunch. I am afraid that he is going to be like Anderson-just in no hurry to finish his work. Phonics is pretty hard for Whitman so that does take forever. It is just a lot of writing. Half of his school work is play so don't worry about me being a slave driver. His highlight today was making the letter E out of Legos.
  • We ate our lunch and then worked on chores afterwards. This was the first day that we were able to get back together after lunch and do some more reading. My friend has read a book, which is on my library hold list, that says that if you read and read to your children, then they will learn more during that time than during anything else that they do all day. I kind of believe that so I am going to try to read more with the kids this year. We will see how that goes though!
  • We had planned to go to the pool today, but none of our friends were going so we will just go tomorrow. So this afternoon was kind of slow. The boys played on their xbox ALL afternoon and pretty much all evening long. Reagan was on her Ipad the entire time too. We did try to get the neighbors to come outside but never heard from them. 
  • I headed to the library at some point during the afternoon. I asked if anyone wanted to go with me and Keaton was the only taker. I did assign chores for my kiddos staying here. The boys were happy that I asked them to organize the pants drawer so they could do that while on the Xbox. I haven't checked their work though but do plan on it next time I am upstairs.
  • Keaton and I left right after 5. We dropped off something at Grannymom's house and then hurried to Chuck E Cheese. The preschool at church took all of the upcoming first graders to celebrate their promotion. The place now gives out a game card that is unlimited games for an hour. So that meant that Keaton and I worked hard and fast playing as many games as we could for an hour. She did get over 500 tickets. 
  • Meanwhile, everyone else had some pizza at home. Then Robby took Campbell, Graham and Whitman to the movies. Campbell had earned a movie a long time ago for something or another (it has indeed been that long that I have forgotten why we gave her a movie), Graham had a birthday gift card and Whitman, well, he just got to go even though he was probably terrified the entire time. 
  • Once everyone was home, the kids played some and Robby worked on our never ending ant problem. They are better but are still plaguing us. Hopefully, they will soon go away for good. And once again, we put the kids to bed probably a bit too late for a school night! But it is still summer after all.

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