July 28, 2018

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  • Robby and I woke up in plenty of time this morning. We didn't hit up the hotel breakfast but instead we opted for doughnuts....except we didn't get any. We stood in a 10+ minute line waiting for our turn at the counter. When we made it, we asked about apple fritters to bring back for Tony. They were out. Then we asked about glazed doughnuts to bring back for the kids. They were out. So we left.
  • That was fine, because we were soon at Sullivan's Mill in Silver Dollar City eating some of the very best cinnamon bread. We pretty much devoured it before heading to our cooking class. 
  • Today's class was about making focaccia bread. Now, I have eaten it (probably) but don't know anything about it. The bread was really good and seemed to be doable. They also made a veggie spread to go on top of the bread. It was chocked full of vegetables. Robby, nor I, ate much of that!
  • I seriously had the best time at all of the cooking classes. Now, will ever make anything? Maybe the mango salsa, but that is probably all. It was just fun getting to do something that we normally wouldn't get to do. 
  • After the class, we hightailed it out of the park only stopping long enough to buy cinnamon rolls for the kids. Then it was on the road home. We did stop at Courseys and split a turkey sandwich. Robby did buy a piece of beef jerky, and it took him until almost the time we made it home to finish the chewy thing off.
  • We did have to stop at Dollar General so as not to let a 5 dollar coupon go to waste. Then we left Sams with new Sams cards, free bananas, free cookies, free pizza and would have had free rotisserie chicken but they were out of that. 
  • After our speed shopping, we picked up the boys. They had a low key day with Anderson smoking everyone in Monopoly and then lunch at McDonalds. On the way home with them, we ran to Kroger to buy some of the Saturday specials.
  • As we were unloading the car at home, Pops and Nonna brought home the girls. So everyone spent some time unpacking the bags and helping for a bit. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were quick to go outside and play with the neighbors.
  • Soon I called them in so we could head to the Wilson's house to eat supper. We all ate, and while the kids were playing upstairs, Robby fried some oreos for dessert. They were pretty good and much better than real oreos.
  • We stayed out a bit too late since most folks needed showers. I think my Keaton and Campbell are the most glad that we are back home. It has been 4 years since Robby and I have been gone so I guess they aren't too used to us being the ones who are not at home!

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