July 11, 2018

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  • Day 3 of Family Farm. Everyone was downstairs on time this morning. Even though Robby was up early, I was still worried about him not allotting enough time for his shower. He, however, had plenty of time and soon everyone was out the door.
  • Whitman had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Since he wasn't there this morning, I went right to the treadmill and was finished by 9 this morning. Afterwards, I worked on making Anderson some pumpkin bread. My next project was working on my continuing education hours for the year.
  • Then I ran to pick up Whitman, Charlotte and Michael. After we dropped them off, Whitman and I made his lunch. He wanted to make a "crafty" lunch which took a bit of creativity on his part since I just laid out some ingredients. 
  • While he ate, I read book after book to him. My library pile of books is pretty small after all of our reading today. Whitman is just an odd duck. While we were talking about America's colors, red, white and blue, he told me that Paraguay has red, white and blue as their colors too. I just looked it up-yep, they do. He also told Charlotte today about his daddy not working in the winter time so he could stay home and sled with him and make snowmen.
  • Other than reading to Whitman and working on his reading book, we didn't do a whole lot this afternoon. Actually, we didn't do anything this afternoon. I have actually run out of things to do with the kids gone so much. 
  • We did pick up Charlotte and Michael and met the Family Farm group at the pool tonight. The Heltz were the only ones that stayed with us. We just stayed for 2 adult swims, and then picked up BBQ. We ate at the Heltz' while the kids ran around outside. 
  • Once we made it home, it was shower time, lunch packing time and then the best time of the day-bedtime!

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