July 7, 2018

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  • Robby and I were up early this morning-early for us on any day of the week but especially early on a Saturday. I was afraid that no one would be awake when we left the house, but by the time that we left, Anderson was awake.
  • Soon Whitman came down the stairs. He said that he wanted to take a nap with me so I jumped back in bed for a second. I did get him out of my bed by offering breakfast. I poured his milk, and then Robby, who was on the other side of the house, said that it was time to leave. By this time, Whitman had decided on waffles so I handed Anderson the box of waffles as I walked out the door.
  • When I returned, Whitman was sitting at the bar still eating his waffles that his big brother had made for him. There was a new Dollar General down the road, and since this was the grand opening, Robby and I went.
  • They were handing out 10 dollar gift cards to the first 50 in line. Robby and I were probably about 46th and 47th in line. We used Robby's gift card today plus a 5 off of 25 coupon so we spent about 10 bucks for 25 dollars worth of goodies. We will go back and do the same thing with my gift card and another coupon later.
  • I had even had a dream about the Dollar General grand opening except that they were giving away cinnamon rolls. In my dream, I watched a man stumble over chair after chair carrying away a huge tray of cinnamon rolls. They didn't have cinnamon rolls there today but they did have Little Debbies and some cokes. I think I would have liked cinnamon rolls better.
  • Back at home, after I emptied the dishwasher, I went outside to help Robby with the garage. We worked out there for quite a long while, The garage is really a never ending process. We also did a bit of bike repair on Keaton and Campbell's bikes. They came out and joined us for a bit and were quick to ride their bikes around as well.
  • Robby owed Graham a movie from the Super Bowl so today was the day that he cashed in on it. They went to a movie around lunch. While they were gone, Keaton, Campbell and I made cookies. I also tried to clean the grout on my bar but it didn't work as well as I had planned. My kitchen smells like bleach but it doesn't look like bleach has been scrubbed on the countertops though.
  • Once Graham came home, I put him back in the car along with Anderson to meet Cash to ride go-carts. Then they met us at the pool. This has been a busy day for Graham who said that he was exhausted first thing this morning. The big boys actually ended up spending the night at Cash's house tonight so I know that he really will be exhausted!
  • Everyone had lots of fun at the pool. The girls, except for Reagan, could have stayed longer. It was fairly windy tonight so it was coolish-much too cool for Robby or I to swim. This greatly disappointed Whitman because he wanted to practice!
  • After we dropped off the boys, we headed to David's Burgers. I don't remember that last time that we ate out there. When we lived on Gamble, we ate out a lot, but we don't eat out that much anymore. We do have quite a few pizza mystery shops, but there isn't a lot of going out to eat except for when we are on a trip. I thought my burger and fries were excellent tonight. The lady even gave the kids ice cream cones and Robby and I little samples. Our samples had tiny little spoons which the girls thought were the cutest things ever.
  • Once at home, the girls were delighted to see that Mr, Tony had left a surprise toy at our house. I believe that he was cleaning out his garage. When Whitman saw it, he exclaimed, "Oh my!" Everyone had a few rides on the driveway tonight. I may have taken more than my fair share of turns-which is quite obvious to me now since my legs are already sore!
  • When everyone came inside, we started on our showers for the evening. It didn't take long at all to run through them with two less kiddos. Campbell and Whitman passed out the cookies that we had made today while the laundry washed and we listened to fireworks all around us (people still think it is the 4th out here).

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