July 20, 2018

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  • I was up early this morning, and I would guess that it was because I was excited about getting our Reagan back from camp. One of the first things I did was work on the kids' rooms. I had told everyone last night that we would clean their rooms before we left this morning. The boys had listened and worked on their beds. They had done a pretty pitiful job making their beds, but I let it go since they at least tried. 
  • I made their beds and then hurried everyone else along in their getting ready/eating breakfast process. We loaded up and headed to OBU at 8:30. I had thought that would give me plenty of time, but as we walked out the door, Robby received a text telling him about a wreck on the interstate.
  • I ended up driving to Arkadelphia on a few backroads but we made it to the performance just as it was beginning. We were actually a minute early, but the boys had to stop in the restroom. I could have gone but the women's line was out the doorway.
  • Seats were limited but our people had us a few. Keaton and Campbell shared a seat, and Whitman sat in my lap. He didn't last long and was soon asleep. This would have been fine but it was a bit packed in the auditorium and I was hot with his sweaty head up against me.
  • First about a hundred kids performed in the orchestra. They played at least 3 songs and were excellent. Next, the Joyworks kids (3rd-6th graders) sang about 3 songs. There were 200 of them, and they were excellent as well.
  • Reagan's group, the Jr. Varsity Praiseworks choir was next. I would assume there was 200 of them as well since they completely filled the stage. The Jr. Varsity was made up of middle school kids. (Reagan isn't really middle school yet, but our church wanted her and her buddies in that group this year.) They sang about 3 songs, and gracious, listening to all of those kids praising was so wonderful. I couldn't see a single bit of Reagan the entire time though!
  • Finally, the Varsity Praiseworks kids (high school) sang next. They concluded their performance with the Jr. Varsity filling the stage as well. Anytime you have to move 200 kids around it takes time each time. They were good to fill the time with videos and the camp pastors spoke for a minute. 
  • By the time the program was over, we had been sitting for 2 and a half hours. I know that is a very long time, but the talent was incredible. I was sold on this camp by the time we left...and so were my kids. I hope Reagan realizes what a neat opportunity she had this year. 
  • Her extra classes this week, other than choir, was photography where she took a few pictures. She said the instructor was really nice, so I think that she might have learned a little bit! Next she had art where she illustrated a bit of song on a canvas. It was hot unloading the trailer to get her stuff and the car barely cooled off by the time we made it to McDonalds in Caddo Valley for lunch.
  • There was a bathroom line along with a new girl at the cash register so getting our food took longer than expected. Then my gas light popped on as I was leaving the parking lot so I had to cross the street for gas. It was no surprise that the neighbors had rode their bus home, unloaded and were pulling into their driveway when we rolled down the street. 
  • Back at home, Grannymom and Grandpa were here. Reagan unpacked and soon found her spot under her blanket with her ipad in her lap. We were able to squeeze out a few facts about camp from her, but I do expect more info to come out in the next few days.
  • Tonight Robby took the boys to basketball practice. Then Keaton, Whitman and him met Grannymom and Campbell at the swimming pool. Campbell is spending the night at Grannymom's house tonight. 
  • Robby worked some more with Whitman on his swimming, and the determination is that he is not ready to go off of the diving board just yet. He did do it once today, but went too deep before deciding to come back up. 
  • Reagan and I stayed here. She had a smoothie for supper, and much to her delight I showed her all of her school work for next week so she would be familiar with everything hopefully. I was trying to figure out our new Latin lessons when the crew came home from basketball and the pool.
  • They started on showers and supper and soon it was bedtime. It feels like a Saturday to me, but tomorrow is Graham's birthday party so it will be a super busy day around here.

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