July 9, 2018

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  • I woke up to the sounds of people's feet above my head. Thankfully, it wasn't in the middle of the night, and my alarm was about to go off as well. It is Family Farm week, and my people were all very excited.
  • By the time I had my clothes on and teeth brushed, Campbell and Keaton were downstairs working on their hair. Everyone had grabbed their breakfast and soon I was bug spraying everyone as they walked out the door. 
  • They picked up the others and then headed to Malvern. This left me in the empty house with a sleeping Whitman. I let him sleep for a bit and then brought him downstairs. I read him a few books as he was waking up. Then he put on his clothes and ate his breakfast.
  • Soon Whitman was in the car heading to VBS. Bless, I don't think that he understood where he was going, but I did make it very clear that Ms. Candice was going to pick him up. We found his row, and he sat right down. 
  • I ran to Walmart to buy some bar stools for the girls new school desks. I had originally planned to also go to the library, but since my driver's license, credit cards and most importantly library card was in my van in Malvern, I had to skip the library. Luckily, I had realized this before I left the house and grabbed a credit card for my Walmart run. I was just crossing my fingers that it still worked!
  • I am rarely home by myself for any length of time. I quickly realized that I have some type of ADD when it comes to do anything in a quiet house. While bringing in my Walmart bags, I ended up in the attic organizing Christmas stuff. While taking the stools to the school room, I organized the pantry. I did accomplish quite a bit, but I almost didn't get around to my main goal.
  • The goal this week, which I will finish tomorrow, is organizing the school room. When I did start, I just wanted to do one side of the room before lunch, but I was almost able to finish two sides of the room.
  • When Candice brought Whitman home, he was quite chatty. He talked and talked and bless, talked some more. He went with me to the school room as I finished the second wall and then the third side of the room. I was going to stop there, but he wanted to "decorate" his desk so I set him to work vacuuming. 
  • After we "decorated" his desk, we pulled his lunch out of the fridge. He really enjoyed packing his lunch last night, and worked on eating his lunch for at least 3 hours today. I stopped him in the middle to do his reading book. While we were doing his reading book, he told me, "this is the best day over, just me and you." I agreed and then he elaborated with, "when the others are here, they get in trouble and you and Daddy yell." I am not so sure about "yelling" but yes, it is definitely quieter with just two people here.
  • Robby brought the campers home a bit after 5. They soon found the neighbors and mostly stayed outside until we made them come in to eat supper. After supper, everyone went back out for a bit. Campbell and Keaton stayed out the longest and eventually had to be called in. Anderson didn't stay outside for long at all today. He is one that just needs a bit of downtime after an exciting day.
  • Once in for the night, the kids made their lunches for tomorrow. Whitman even packed his lunch for tomorrow even though I tried to explain that Grannymom was going to pick him up from VBS. He told me that he could just bring it, so I guess that we will.
  • At bedtime, I ran to Shannon's house to help her pack for a bit while Robby put the kiddos to bed. I think that they were all pretty tired tonight, and tomorrow is another early, early day.

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