July 21, 2018-Happy Birthday (Party) Graham!

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  • We woke up around 5:30 to a darker than normal house. The power was out. Robby read that there had been a big storm and many folks were without power. We had no idea that there had been a storm last night, but all of the kids said that they woke up and heard it. Good thing that the kiddos aren't scared of the thunder and lightening or our room would have been filled since we heard that the storm was sure a doozy.
  • We dozed for the next few hours until sun rise. Then kids were in and our of room, and we had plenty of text. I could have slept for hours more, but finally had to get out of bed. Every time my room was quiet again, I would fall back asleep and have a crazy dream. 
  • I worked on my morning chores in the darker house. I did walk through closing blinds when I normally walk through opening blinds. Robby did plug up the generator since the Entergy site said that it would be tomorrow at noon until our power returned.
  • Pops had a tree and lots of branches down and requested the boys to come and help him. He offered to pay so they jumped at the chance. Keaton rode along with Robby on his errands. While they were gone, Reagan caught up on some sleep, and Whitman was my helper.
  • The lights did come back on before Robby came back home. We waited until lunchish to go outside and get to work on our yard. We didn't loose a tree but gracious there were plenty of limbs. We had worked pretty hard one night this week picking up branches and got to do it all again this afternoon.
  • The boys arrived just as we went out to work. They were already hot but did work incredibly well. Reagan also did great along with Keaton. Whitman did pretty well himself. He worked some and would wander off for a bit. It was incredibly hot all day today, and we all were sweating buckets.
  • We worked until probably about 4:30. That is when Robby ran the kids to the gas station for a drink while I had shower. Then they came in and started cycling through the showers. Pops was already here cutting the watermelon when Robby just went inside to take his shower.
  • We had at least 37 folks at Graham's 10th birthday celebration. We began with Robby's grilled hot dogs and burgers, which was the best burger I have had. We also had chips, watermelon and potato salad, which the people devoured. 
  • Then I divided the players into 4 teams, and we played kickball! I was on Graham's team and not only did we lose our first game, but we lost the loser's bracket game too! Ha! I don't think that he minded too much. In between the games, there were popsicles. 
  • Graham wanted oreo delight for her birthday so that is what he had! 3 pans full. Everyone sang to him and then ate as we watched him open his birthday presents. He received lots of cash, many gift cards, some shoes, a pen, lots of basketball cards, nerf guns and nerf bullets and a new basketball. Overall, he did pretty well!
  • It was so incredibly hot today. I am sure that all of Graham's other kickball parties have been hot, but this one seemed especially hot. When everyone left, we all went to work picking up. Soon things were back in order, and showers began again. 
  • Noah is spending the night with us tonight. I am sure that they plan on waking up early to play a bit of fortnight before church. Robby and I plan on waking up early to make some doughnuts in his new air fryer. I bet that one of those group will actually wake up early!

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