July 13, 2018

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  • I would have guessed that Anderson would have slept a little bit longer today since he was the very last one to wake up yesterday. However, he was the first one awake in the house. Soon everyone else was up, except Reagan. Since Alyssa had spent the night, I tried to wake Reagan up so she could entertain her guests. When I told her that Alyssa was awake, she looked at me and said, "so?" Maybe we should work some more on hospitality.
  • Whitman headed to VBS for his last day. When Robby told him that it was time to go, he said, "where?" I really don't think he had any idea where he was going. He didn't mind leaving too much since he knew that he was going to have a pizza party today at VBS.
  • It was kind of different with my Whitman gone this morning but the other folks here with me. I had a committee meeting at church this morning, so I told my crew that they could stay at home or come with me and see what kind of trouble they could get into at church. Well, I shouldn't have been surprised because they picked the option that had the word "trouble" in it. 
  • My big 5 plus Alyssa could not wait to walk into the church house. I gave them the necessary instructions-come back in 30 minutes, stay together and this is God's House. They were back in exactly 30 minutes just as my meeting was finishing up. I let them play gaga ball while I walked to get the car. 
  • On the way home, I ran by the library to pick up books for school. Yep, it is time to start requesting my school books. Then we waited on Whitman to come home before making our lunches. I still have lots of camp lunch supplies left so everyone made themselves a pretty decent lunch today. 
  • After lunch, we loaded up to head to the pool for the afternoon. We made it there about 2 and swam with the Crafts for 2 hours. It was pretty hot out there so everyone there was in the water, but that was fine because there weren't too many folks at the pool today.
  • When we left, we dropped Keaton off at Grannymom's house to spend the night. Then we ran by Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. Next stop was Nonna's house because Reagan was spending the night there. Then we dropped off Alyssa and headed home.
  • On my way home, Robby called and asked if they boys were going to basketball. I had forgotten all about their Friday night basketball. They were tired but enjoyed going tonight. While they were there, the rest of us, Robby, Campbell, Whitman and I, went to Eat My Catfish for supper. Robby and I both had coupons for our anniversary. (Shhh, I had forgotten that it was coming up on Sunday.) Since we both had coupons, we ordered way too much food so the boys could have supper after basketball.
  • While we waited on them to finish, we hit up Kroger and their ice cream sale. We also bought some snacks for Reagan to take to camp this next week. Then we grabbed the boys and headed home. They had showers and then ate while Campbell and Whitman went outside for a few more minutes. 
  • Soon the neighbors had to go in, so my littles came in too. They had their showers and then we all started winding down before bedtime. 

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