July 15, 2018

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  • The normal Sunday morning scurry didn't happen too much around here. We were actually early to church this morning-oddly early. We have been barely walking in on time for the last few weeks so we were unsure of what to do with ourselves when we arrived early.
  • Keaton and Reagan were the only ones that we had to wake up this morning. Everyone found their clothes without drama. I probably should say that the girls found their clothes without drama since the boys are usually drama-less. Though a few weeks ago, Anderson was trying to put Whitman's sandals on while we were driving to church and was convinced that they would not fit. I was in the front seat and was adamant that they fit last week and would fit for at least one more week. That was some definite drama!
  • Whitman sat with us during church. That was different since he has been sitting with Grannymom. He did fine, but bless the poor thing, he was freezing throughout the service. The temperature in the church house was probably in the low 60s. We could probably save some of our tithe money if they cranked the air conditioning up a few degrees.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house. They had hamburgers and all of the fixings. I think that I could eat hamburgers just about every week. Graham did even have one for supper. Well, I pulled out of my leftovers for supper and said that supper would be from one of those choices. He wasn't too pleased with his choices but did scarf down a burger.
  • This afternoon was fairly short. Reagan packed herself. She didn't want too much help so hopefully, she has everything that she needs. Then I had myself a little nap, but soon was awake helping Reagan finish a Jr. Ranger book. I made her do hers today while everyone else will take the rest of the week to finish theirs. 
  • Next even taking Reagan to a little Bible study at church. Nitzia did it and wow! They made a fruit salad, transferred vinyl onto a cute notebook and water colored a notebook that they are going to make next week. They did squeeze in a little Bible study as well. Next time they are going to decorate cookies, sew their notebook and make a tote bag. I am a wee bit jealous that I am not getting to come to the Bible study. 
  • While she was at church, I ran home and fed everyone supper. Then jumped back in the car to get Reagan. Once we were back at home, she had a quick camera lesson. I am not too sure what all she can learn in her photography class at camp since it will just be a few hours but man, it would be wonderful if she came home passionate about art or photography. I would love for her to find something that she is interested in.
  • The kids headed to bed just as it started storming here. They must be tired because I don't hear many feet scurrying from one bed to another because of the thunder.

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