July 27, 2018

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  • Robby and I were pretty lazy this morning and stayed in the bed for as long as we could. This no responsibility thing is kind of nice! (just for a bit though) We had our cooking class at Silver Dollar City at 11 so we left the motel around 10. 
  • It took us awhile to make it down the strip, but soon we were in the parking lot and huffing up the hill to the entrance. We made it in plenty of time and were soon in the line waiting for the class.
  • This morning's class was about fruit salsa which the lady also canned. It was really interesting. We even had plenty of samples of the canned and fresh salsa to try. We actually enjoyed it so much that we signed up for the 2:00 class as well.
  • After the class, Robby and I split some nachos and walked around some of the Silver Dollar City shops that we never get to go inside of. The next class was about canning pork posole. We had no idea that you could can meat so all of that class was interesting to us. 
  • I think that I would like to can something or another. I am just not so sure if I could do meat though. The instructor was really nice and must have felt pity on us with all of our questions because she gave me her phone number! 
  • Next up, we went back to the motel for a little bit. Robby napped and I read my book. Then it was to the Landing for supper at Joe's Crab Shack. We had to wait on our table but I bought a new water bottle lid for me while we waited. Then we split crab dip and a crab burger. 
  • Afterwards, we drove down the strip, to the other side actually, to eat a Beaver Tail. We split it also. They were pretty good though I had the apple and it was a bit heavy and messy. We took a shortcut back to the motel and were in our room in just minutes as compared to the hour it took us to get there. 
  • We have only heard from Keaton and Campbell today. And Anderson did write to tell us good night. We did hear that the girls went to the mall and did some baking while the boys went to ride go carts and went to basketball. I am sure that they have all had a good time on their mini vacation as well.
  • Tomorrow we have one more cooking class and then we will head home to the real world!

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