July 3, 2018

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  • There wasn't walking this morning because Robby had to scurry off to a dentist appointment. He was less than thrilled to be having a root canal, but also a bit thrilled because hopefully this will help his constant tooth pain which has been nagging him for a year or more. (And if you are keeping track of our no-spend month that would be air conditioner repair, root canal, and filling up both cars with gas in two days! We possibly should have "spend month," and maybe we wouldn't spend anything.)
  • My morning didn't start off great. I put my contacts in and kept having trouble seeing. I would struggle to see anything. The clock, my phone, far or close, it didn't matter. I would have to really focus to read anything. I was convinced that my eyesight had just become poor overnight. They say that happens when you turn 40. I was getting a bit bummed, but I was about ready to call the eye doctor. I decided to take them out and try another pair. When I did, I realized that I had two pairs of contacts in. Yep, I forgot to take them out last night and put my new pair right on top. I was extremely relieved!
  • Early this morning the girls wrote about going to the pool. I still had 4 people asleep at the time so we didn't make it to the pool until after 11. My big 3 weren't crazy about going to the pool, but I didn't give them much of a choice. (We are going to to the pool tomorrow too so they will probably love that as well!)
  • Reagan was the last one awake this morning and was just able to do her math before we left. She was actually still making her lunch while the rest of us were sitting in the car waiting to leave.
  • The pool was pretty full this morning. The kids all had fun though despite the crowd. Whitman constantly wants for me to swim with him so he can take off his life jacket. He is fairly close to getting the swimming thing, but gracious he scares me. I swam with him a little bit today, but the last hour, I always want to dry off and not get wet. 
  • On the way home, we ran by Dairy Queen. Reagan and Anderson ordered the new blizzard-a cherry blizzard with soft serve ice cream and a star popsicle on top. It looked really pretty, but I don't think either one of them were very crazy about the blizzard part of it.
  • The kids finished their chores and put on dry clothes when we came home. At one point in the afternoon one neighbor was out so the girls and Graham played with him. Then the other neighbors came out for just a little bit, and they played with them. I was in the bonus room for most of this. For the first part, I was finishing a puzzle upstairs. I did finish it but am missing the very last piece. I have looked everywhere. Then I did do some treadmill time while the kids were still outside.
  • Robby came home with supper, and everyone ate. Campbell helped me make some cookies tonight. She was anxious to get in the kitchen since Keaton had made chocolate dipped Oreos and decorated them for the 4th earlier today. 
  • After the kids' showers, we settled in to watch a tv show and eat a few cookies. The Wilson fam came over with Sonic shakes for all of us. This caused much delight at our house. Soon the living room was littered with empty Sonic cups. Whitman was too engrossed in his movies so he didn't even try his. I worked on some of it and then Robby finished it off. It was a perfect treat to our day.

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