July 5, 2018

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    • Even though I stayed in bed as long as I could, Campbell and Whitman joined me trying to get me up. Campbell needed help with the computer, and Whitman needed someone to pour him some milk. I suggested his big brothers to help with his milk, but they were upstairs.
    • The morning wasn't too eventful. The kids worked on their Jr. Ranger books. They did some reading or at least, I hope that they did some reading. 
    • While I was on the treadmill, I am pretty sure that nothing productive happened. When I finished, it was then chore time. It didn't take long for everyone to finish their list. Then we worked on making our lunches. We have a ton of lunch meat leftover from the lake. However, try as I might, I can't give it away! I only had one taker at lunch today. They made paninis, spaghetti, grilled cheese but practically nothing with lunch meat!
    • When lunch was finished, Whitman and I worked on riding his bike for just a few minutes. It was too hot to work too long. Then the Heltz girls came over to play for the afternoon. I pretty quickly kicked them out of the house since Robby was on a phone call.
    • They all played outside for most of the time. The neighbors came down along with a 5 year old boy they are babysitting. Whitman enjoyed meeting and playing with a new buddy. The others played kickball, shot fireworks, played tether ball and hung around outside all afternoon. I did let them get popsicles and passed out 1 oreo per person. Yes, just one oreo since I didn't want to have to open another package!
    • Candice came and picked up her crew around supper time. When they left, we picked up, and soon afterwards Robby had our supper heated up-leftover pizza. We ate and then the kids started running through the showers.
    • After Whitman's shower, he told me that he almost "pooped in the shower, but I sucked it back up." I encouraged him to sit on the potty for a bit. Afterwards, I flushed and as he watched it, he started shouting, "Oh no, oh no, it doesn't fit!" and yes, we had to flush twice.
    • Once everyone was through we their showers, we watched a little bit of the Bates before sending everyone off to bed.

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