July 30, 2018

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  • Campbell and Whitman were the first ones to wake up this morning. I was a bit surprised by this since Graham set his alarm for 7 sharp even though Anderson protested greatly last night. Campbell had already started on her school work while Whitman had his ipad and was hidden under a chair watching a movie. I am glad that he at least knows that he isn't supposed to have his ipad in the morning time.
  • Soon it was 7:30 and I was waking all of my other sleepyheads up. Everyone came down, and we started on our breakfast. Everyone ate while I read, and then we moved to my room.
  • My favorite part of the day is when we work together, and I pretty much read to everyone for an hour. Now tonight, Reagan did act like she didn't enjoy this time, but I really do think that the she does. Who wouldn't?
  • We then started on school work which was a bit more difficult this week. The kids all added math to their list of things to work on. Reagan, Anderson and Graham had pretty much forgotten how to do their math, and I am actually a bit fuzzy on some of Reagan's math.
  • Campbell and Keaton finished early and went to see Grannymom for a bit with Robby. The rest of us buckled down on school work. Now, Whitman is so happy just taking his sweet time during school. Last year, Keaton was gung ho and ready to quickly finish her work, but Whitman is completely opposite.
  • Reagan did complete one of her science experiments today. She gathered the materials and went to work all by herself. I love that! I hope all of that continues. Independence is the goal. Her experiment used cabbage leaves which we bought. Now if anyone needs some leftover cabbage then let me know. I think that she used one leaf of the entire head of cabbage.
  • After lunch, Graham and I started to work on organizing his basketball cards. Gracious, it was a bit more of a project that I had planned on. Once that was accomplished, I worked a bit on painting a sign. My machine was giving me a hard time so I took out the cutter piece to see if it was still sharp...yep, after cutting my finger pretty good, I determined that it was still very sharp!
  • Robby and I made a pretty dandy supper tonight-pork chops, mashed potatoes, biscuits, corn, lima beans and edamame. The Wilson's even came over to help us eat the pork chops. We had to give them a disclaimer saying that we had never made pork chops before, but surprisingly they were pretty delicious. 
  • The Wilsons all stayed long enough for us to enjoy some ice cream, and then they headed home. My crew had spent quite a bit of time playing outside this afternoon so I am think that they were a bit tired. Campbell and Keaton didn't even eat until after 9. 
  • Once the Wilson's left the kids jumped in the showers. It was fairly late when the crew finally made it to bed. My dishes are still washing so I guess I will stay up a bit until they were finished!

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