July 25, 2018

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  • Since Cash spent the night last night, I had decided that everyone could take it easy this morning if they wanted and just do their days school this afternoon. Whitman was the first one up. As soon as I had gotten his milk and breakfast, we started to work on his school. He didn't seem to mind, and we knocked out most of his work. His phonics went from easy (yesterday) to hard (today). Today he was having to read two sentences and mark which one went to the picture (Sam sat on a rat. Sam sat on a cat.) This part of the kids' phonics program is the most dreaded by me, but Whitman said, "this is fun."
  • Campbell was the next one awake this morning. She soon joined us in the school room and went to work on her school. Keaton was next in the school room as well. By this time the boys were up, playing with Cash, so they weren't thinking about their school work.
  • Around 9, I had everyone stop what they were doing and put on their bathing suits. Then they fixed their lunches-this is a very random thing. Some kids choose to bring nothing at all while others carefully pack a sandwich in a little baggie. 
  • The pool was chilly this morning. Actually, I never really got in all of the way; that is how chilly it was. The kids were slow to get in it as well. The big kiddos headed to the playground with their friends for a little bit.
  • Eventually everyone did climb in the pool. They were happily playing when I had said that we would go so I stayed another 30 or so minutes. Afterwards, we loaded up and headed to Dairy Queen. We are trying to get caught up on our free Blizzards so we don't lose any. I had one extra kiddo so I had just enough tickets. They did make an extra so I even had a Blizzard.
  • Once at home, the boys started to work on their school. This was a good experience because I quickly learned that doing school in the afternoons isn't such a great idea. The boys did finally finish their work and started on their chores. I was able to work with Whitman and finish up his leftover school work too. 
  • Everyone did a bit of packing and by the end of the afternoon, everything on our list was crossed off which was wonderful. I soon headed to Bunko a bit early with Candice. Robby took Campbell and Keaton to the grocery store for a very long time. Once I did make it back home, Robby had just put the kids into bed after eating cookies and staying up late. He thought that everyone would still be up. I went upstairs to tell everyone good night and could only find Reagan still awake!

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