July 17, 2018

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  • This was a fairly uneventful morning. We did accomplish quite a bit even though we weren't in much hurry at all. It was the type of morning that had me questioning my sanity of starting school next week. You know some families are "unschoolers" which they would count video games as problem solving, grammar and reading skills and count slime making as science and count cartwheeling in the living room as physical education and count the reading of the cereal box as literature and nutrition. Basically, that was our morning so maybe I should become an "unschooler" and count it as a day of school.
  • Whitman did work with me on his reading book this morning. He has 24 lessons before he finishes that blasted thing. Since I have done it 6 times now, I do know the stories by heart. However, reading with Whitman is a bit excruciating. He can't focus and wants to talk all of the time. All of that to say, our reading book time probably won't be during our school time like it has been for everyone else. His reading book time will probably have to be later in the day when things are a bit slower.
  • Around lunch, I read a few books to the kids. One was all about poop! Yep, the boys loved it, but the girls not so much. After we finished eating, the kids finished a few chores. 
  • The girls and Whitman did go with me to the pool this afternoon. Whitman practiced swimming and even swam the short length of the pool by himself. They swam for a good while until there was thunder. We waited around and then swam for 30 more minutes before running to the dollar store to buy a few things for Graham's party. The girls and even Whitman bought Graham a present. I am not sure what they picked for him because I didn't like the looks of one guy in the store and was on high alert until we were back safely in the car. 
  • We arrived back at home just as the boys and Robby were going out to work in the yard. We unloaded the car and then joined them. Anderson mowed the front yard, Graham mowed some in the back, and we all picked up many, many sticks. We worked for a long while and came in just about 20 minutes before it started pouring here.
  • We headed up leftovers for supper. I know that it sounds like we eat leftovers every single night; it feels like we eat them every single night too! After supper, we waited around until it was time for us to head to a movie. 
  • Yep, we loaded up our 5 kids and took them to a movie at bedtime. Probably not the wisest thing to do, but it was fun. We saw Incredibles 2. The boys and Campbell loved it. Keaton slept through half of it. And Whitman was terrified through most of it. At one time, he loudly asked, "can you turn the movie off?" Good thing there was only us and one other lady in the movie. And we were the only people in the entire place when we left.
  • It was almost midnight when we made it home. The kids quickly put on their pajamas, brushed their teeth and crawled into bed!

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