July 23, 2018

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  • Since this was the first day of school and since I have a few lofty goals, I was awake at 6 this morning and was soon on the treadmill. I was pretty pleased with myself for getting out of bed even though I honestly doubt that this trend will continue for long.
  • After I finished, Whitman was soon awake. I offered for him to ride with Robby and me to drop off Robby's car, but he declined so I set him up with some of his school work to do. We ran to drop off the car and were soon headed back home.
  • I had to wake up Reagan, but by 8 everyone was huddled in my room. We are only doing about half of our work together right now (science, Bible verses, Who is God? book, history, Genesis and Latin, which is new for us this year.) There will be lots of other memory work items, but we are going to add things slowly this year. 
  • After doing all of these things for about an hour, we started on school. Everyone has about 4-5 things to do each day this week. I picked new or difficult things for everyone to do. Reagan pretty much was slammed with her work which included her new science. Anderson and Graham had a decent amount which took them until 10:30ish. Keaton and Campbell were done fairly quickly so I know that I will add a bit more to their schedule next week. 
  • And Whitman, the kindergartner, had all of his work. I should have taken a picture of each little thing he did. The other day I was showing him his work. I opened the drawer with his math pages and told him that this is his math. He quickly grabbed a calculator and told me that he was going to cheat. I read the instructions (count the squares and circle the number) and he was a bit disappointed that he couldn't use his calculator. 
  • Whitman did a few things on his own, but needed prompting to finish many of his items. He did continue working until his school work was over. I do think that his favorite part of the day was when he read to Anderson and when Anderson read to him. I think that Graham and Whitman work together tomorrow so we will see how all of that works out!
  • Overall, I couldn't have been more pleased with how the day went. Reagan took the longest but this year, her work is just going to take longer. Hopefully, she will figure all of that out and work when every she gets a chance.
  • It was a fairly busy morning because after school, we worked on our chores and did some of the kids Jr. Ranger books. By 12:30, our lunches were packed and our bathing suits were on. We met the buddies at the pool and stayed there until almost 4. 
  • Afterwards, we ran to Dairy Queen for our weekly treat. Then at home, I dropped off the kids and went with Robby to pick up his car. They said it wasn't broken so we guess that is a good thing though it definitely was broken on Saturday. 
  • The Wilsons came over for supper. Robby grilled some hot dogs, and he even made some fries in his air fryer. The second batch was crispy and pretty perfect. We will still have to perfect our fry making skills. The kids played kickeball while we devoured the rest of the oreo delight.
  • Once they went home, my crew took their showers and then headed to bed. Tomorrow will be school day number 2 so we all need our rest!

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