July 8, 2018

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  • Campbell was by my bed at 3 this morning telling me that Keaton was sick upstairs. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I will lay in bed for 30 minutes trying to wake up enough to walk to the bathroom. However, this morning, and every other time someone, mainly Keaton, is sick, I just right up and hustle up the stairs.
  • She did make it to the bathroom floor so for that I am thankful. Thought the last few times she has been sick at home, she does just stand there over it until I get there. Now last time, she had pinned herself in and couldn't move without getting messy.  Last night however, she could have moved, but didn't which tickled me more than it should have at 3 am. 
  • Keaton must not have felt too bad because after a bit of sitting by the potty, she was ready to go downstairs. It took me a minute to clean up, but soon as I was making her a pallet by our bed. I then had to get her a towel and bag, just in case, along with some water and go to the bathroom myself. Then it took Keaton and me a while to go to sleep since Robby was snoring a bit. He never even heard all of the commotion last night.
  • Keaton slept well and felt fine when she woke up. We did have to scurry a bit this morning to make it to the church house on time. I think I am really looking forward to promotion Sunday when the schedule changes at church and we have an extra 15 minutes until church starts.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. She had oreo delight for dessert, which is the dessert which Graham has picked out for his birthday party dessert. The kids played outside, but then also headed to Dana's house to see her puppies.
  • We picked everyone up from her house and then drove home. It was raining by the time we made it home. We briefly cleaned out the car to get it ready for tomorrow's drove to Family Farm. I tried my best to hurry everyone along because I sure wanted to take my nap while the rain was beating upon the roof. 
  • I don't think I made it though, but I still did get a nap. We pretty much cleaned out the fridge for supper tonight. Everyone had plenty and I did clean out some of my fridge leftovers which was good. 
  • Once supper was over, everyone packed their lunches for tomorrow. Even Whitman packed a lunch so he still felt like everyone else. He will be gone in the morning as well for VBS at Immanuel. He will love it, but he is turning into a homebody and asks me each day if this is a stay at home day.
  • Some folks had showers tonight. Everyone joined us for watching a tv show before bed. Then it was finally bedtime for the crew. They have an early morning along with a very busy week!

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