July 12, 2018

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  • Final day of Family Farm. I was pretty pleased with everyone awake and ready to go this morning. Robby had given the 3 minute warning when I went upstairs to open the blinds in all of the rooms. Normally, I don't do this just yet because Whitman has still been sleeping. I opened the girls blinds and then flipped on the lights in the boys room. I opened Graham's blinds and then walked to Anderson's bed to see him still sound asleep. 
  • I quickly urged him to get up because everyone else were putting on their shoes. That is probably not the way to wake up in the morning, but he handled it fine. He put on clothes while I grabbed his breakfast for him. I went downstairs to Robby and said that from now on we must do a headcount!
  • Anderson's eyes still looked pretty sleepy as they drove off. Robby dropped the kids off at Family Farm and then came home to switch cars before heading to pick up stuff for work and then trek to Conway. 
  • After everyone left this morning, Whitman and I did our reading. We have had our own little quiet morning schedule this week. He may not like it tomorrow with everyone here. Shannon ran by this morning to grab a few bingo cards before her trip, and as soon as she left, Candice arrived to pick up Whitman for VBS. It was a pretty busy morning around here. 
  • I did my treadmill time and then some laundry, but other than that there is nothing left to do in this house. Well, nothing left that I want to do. Robby and I did discuss tonight that we have quite a bit of yard work to do before Graham's birthday party next week. I guess I could have started on that!
  • Whitman made it home around 12:30. He ate his lunch while we did our school work. We had a bit of downtime, I even read, until 2ish. That is when we loaded up to head down to Family Farm. It is always so, so very hot down there, and today was no exception. We did find Campbell and Keaton's group when they were in the petting area. Then we located Graham near the sand.
  • Next up was the skit time. All of the groups did their skits, and it seemed to last forever. Ooops, did I say that outloud? Nah, it wasn't that bad. Last year, Whitman, who had 2 busted ear drums, had fever during the skits and was miserable. He felt much better this time, but if it had lasted one more minute, he would have fallen sound asleep.
  • Afterwards, I grabbed everyone from their groups. Graham's counselor was a stickler for the rules and gave Robby a hard time 2 of the 3 afternoons he picked up. This afternoon she had to double check to make sure that I was supposed to get Ethan. I just smiled at the silliness since I had already signed out his 2 siblings and he had left with the same group of kids each day this week. 
  • We hurried to drop off the Penningtons because once at home, everyone had showers. The boys left in less that 35 minute to head to Whitman's VBS' family night. The girls and I had a bit more time since we headed to Benton to see a play at the Royal.
  • Robby reported that the ice cream was a hit at family night. And my girls enjoyed seeing two of the Statton girls in the play Singing in the Rain. It was a fun little play, which I had never seen before, so I will have to get the movie or see the real play sometime soon.
  • Alyssa came home with us tonight so everyone is still awake at 10:30. I am about to get up and put everyone to bed along with doing the dishes and changing the laundry over since for some reason this is a two load day!

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