July 22, 2018

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  • Robby and I woke up fairly early this morning because we were anxious to try out the new air fryer toy. We both took our showers and then went to work in the kitchen. Robby made cinnamon rolls. Then the boys helped him with air frying doughnuts. They were actually biscuits which we air fried and then dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Overall, they were good but not really like doughnuts.
  • By the time that breakfast was over, everyone had on their church clothes. The boys played on the xbox for about 10 minutes, and then it was time to load up for church. 
  • After church this morning, we celebrated Graham and Lilly's birthdays at Grannymom's house. We sang Happy Birthday to them and then devoured cake. Afterwards, the kids played a few rounds of spoons outside and then played Old Maid inside. 
  • We headed home earlier than usual because Reagan's Bible study was at 3. When we made it home, we had about 10 minutes before leaving again. She had to take my sewing machine today for Bible study. Unfortunately, the bobbin keeps messing up and even did for Nitzia. (Any suggestions greatly appreciated.) I had told Reagan that Nitzia would know more about my machine than me, but even after rewinding the bobbin she was still having troubles. 
  • Reagan's Bible study is wonderful. They have lots of fun-tonight they decorated cookies, sewed on a notebook and began sewing a bag. When I picked her up, we hurried home because the others were all waiting on us to head to the pool.
  • The Kamps were at the pool so the kids were delighted to have some buddies there. Robby had packed hot dogs for everyone so we ate those during adult swim. We stayed until they closed the pool and then came home for showers.
  • Once everyone had finished their showers, we started on dessert. We had more Oreo delight for our dessert tonight. As the kids were eating it, we watched a Facebook video. The person on it said that someone had a "previous commitment." Campbell asked what a commitment was. Whitman looked at her and said, "you know, the 10 Commitments!" 
  • The kids had just a bit of downtime before it was time for bed tonight. Tomorrow is the first day of school so everyone needs quite a bit of rest.

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