July 19, 2018

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  • I knew that we had a very short morning this morning because we were going to try to be at the pool at 10. The kids were already up by the time that I started stirring. Now, we still had time to do some chores and reading. 
  • My boys thought that they could lose their mind since Robby had left for Conway. Graham acted like he hadn't read a book all summer long even though we have been doing it almost every day this summer. Anderson decided he didn't want to go swimming and just started at me when I asked him to put on his bathing suit. Their craziness started my day just about caused me to lose my mind!
  • The kids enjoyed playing at the pool. Whitman is working hard on his swimming though this means that I am almost always in the water which is not where I would prefer to be. I would rather be sitting with my legs dangling in the pool. Though taking of Whitman's life jacket and letting him swim, does get my in the pool quicker. I forget about it being cold and have to hop in to grab him.
  • We ate lunch at the pool and then around one, we loaded up and headed to the library. We are now back at 88 library books checked out. It is pretty near school time so I am sure that the number will increase even more. 
  • Once we made it home, we unloaded our books. Then the girls and I worked on making cookies for Graham's party. I doubled the recipe and after 5 dozen cookies, I decided to freeze the rest of the dough. Hmm, maybe I should have that tonight for a snack.
  • Soon Robby was home and went to work on his lawnmower. The kids played outside for a little bit, but eventually we ended up inside eating our supper. After supper, the kids had their showers and then we settled in with oreos and a Bates tv show.

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