July 24, 2018

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  • I was the first one awake this morning. By the time that I had folded the laundry, Anderson and Graham were in the school room working on their school. We had said that we will not do ipads in the morning time before school actually starts. So if they wake up before breakfast, then they can work on their school work. I think the extra school work time will greatly help Anderson.
  • School went well today, but Whitman was in no hurry to do his work. He didn't sneak off and get his ipad like yesterday though. He was just happy wandering around talking to everyone else. I eventually worked with him and helped him finish everything. I still even had time to iron some perler beads before lunchtime.
  • At lunch, we had just finished reading and eating when the Heltz knocked on our back door. They were out trying to vacuum out their car so they stopped by for a little bit. The kids played a kickball game for a while.
  • Once they left, my crew started on their chores and were soon finished. The neighbors came out and the girls spent the most time outside. They sat in the garage on a blanket with the fan blowing on them and played a game. I was able to finish a few things this afternoon.
  • Soon though, it was time for Keaton and me to load up for her to go to a birthday party. She had a lot of fun but she only knew two little girls. It was almost time to leave when she motioned for me to come to her and asked if it was time to go. After that, we didn't stay too much longer.
  • The others had come in but then had gone back outside. When I drove up, Campbell told me that her dad said that she couldn't play on the slip n slide and asked me to ask him again. It was a bit pitiful with her and Whitman just watching the neighbor on the slip n slide. I asked Robby, and he said, "she asked to go inside." Since he thought she had asked to go in the neighbor's house, he said no. 
  • We then told Whitman, who had come in to ask again, that yes, they could do the slip n slide. Campbell wisely didn't believe Whitman so she came back in to ask again. She was delighted to go and play in the slip n slide. They were the last 2 in tonight and were soaking wet when they did come in. I think they had a great time.
  • Everyone had showers and a bite of ice cream. We did let everyone stay up until 10 tonight. I will try to do pool tomorrow so hopefully, we can accomplish all of it!

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