July 29, 2018-Happy Birthday Graham!

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  • The boys were up early this morning. I think that Graham might have been a bit of excited about his birthday. When you have already had your birthday party, I think that birthdays are a bit anticlimactic. We did try not to make it so for Graham today though.
  • After everyone was awake and dressed, we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday to Graham. We had cinnamon rolls from Silver Dollar City as our breakfast this morning. I think it was a pretty great way to start his birthday.
  • Church was next, and even though we arrived a bit late, they still had not started yet. We were able to see the grands and sit down before church started. When we greeted the guests, the lady behind us tried to shake Whitman's hand, but he refused telling her that his hands were sticky. I tried to tell him to just lick his hands clean, but after touching them, he could have never gotten those fingers clean. So we left church to quickly wash his hands. Afterwards, all was well and we were able to listen to the sermon (kind of).
  • We had lunch this afternoon at Nonna and Pops' house. The had pork tenderloin along with Graham's much awaited birthday cake. Graham was happy to blow out his candles once again. The kids had a bit of time to play before we headed home. Graham and Campbell played a game of Battleship. Anderson worked on piecing together some of Jason's old Star Wars toys.
  • This afternoon the kids spent quite a bit on their ipads while I had a wonderful afternoon nap. I started thinking about my nap this morning, and it could have only been more perfect if it had been raining. 
  • Reagan had her Bible study at church tonight. They painted a flower pot and planted basil. Meanwhile, we had a Sunday school teacher's meeting. Robby and I will be teaching Campbell's class next year. The meeting was fine, but the highlight was the Tazikis that they brought in for our supper.
  • After most of our meeting was over, Robby ran home to pick up the kids. He gave them supper and then returned to pick up Reagan and me. Then we headed to Krispy Kreme. There were not a lot of choices, but everyone found something. 
  • We lit the candles and much to Graham's embarrassment, we semi-loudly sang Happy Birthday. We ate our doughnuts, and then headed home. The kids put on their pjs and then watched a bit of a Bates tv show before going to bed for the night. Day 5 of school starts tomorrow!

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