July 6, 2018

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  • The boys went walking with Robby this morning. Graham only made it around one time before he went in because his knee was bothering him. Now, his knee didn't seem to bother him any other time today. 
  • Keaton was the last one awake today. It was nearly 10:30 when she showed up downstairs. When Reagan came down before her, I started to worry that Keaton might be feeling a bit under the weather. Instead, she was just very well rested when she awoke.
  • This morning was filled with chores, a Jr. Ranger book, Whitman's school, reading, and a few math problems. Now, when we spend most of the morning leisurely doing these things, I start to wonder how we are able to fit a full days worth of school into the morning. I do realize that I am going to need to start waking up a lot earlier this year. It will be a bit tough to get in seventh grade and kindergarten.
  • Right before 12, we loaded up and headed to the pool for two hours. Our buddies were leaving at 2 so we just stayed 2 hours. That really is plenty for me, but it almost seems wasteful not to stay longer since you work so hard to get there and unload from it. 
  • Whitman practiced on his swimming again today. One minute I will think that he has it and the very next minute I am convinced that he will never learn how to swim. His "swimming" right now is very entertaining. He dives down to the bottom of the pool, then pushes himself up with his hands (it is just the 4 foot section) and then does it again and again. The only way for him to understand that won't work is to play "the floor is lava" and then he was able to swim a bit better.
  • After the pool, we went to Dairy Queen. Today was my first day to drive through for our blizzards. It was incredibly easy, and I'll probably be doing that from now on....but we do know everyone inside the restaurant, and they know us.
  • From there, we came home and unloaded the car. I ran on the treadmill and while I was upstairs the neighbors all came out so the kids spent a good amount of time playing outside. The boys had to be called in when it was time to head to their basketball practice. 
  • Robby took them and then ran to Kroger. My chicken spaghetti was in the oven for tonight's supper with the Wilson's and the green beans were on the stove. I was sitting looking at a magazine talking to Whitman when the lights went out. 
  • I didn't do anything at first, but then I did put the beans in the warm oven. The Wilsons were soon over, and Tony fired up the grill to cook their bread. Robby had just left the store when the boys called. Their power was out so Robby ran to pick them up. 
  • We ate supper-the food was still warm and the bread was grilled to perfection. Then Robby hooked up the generator so we could have some lights and fans for the evening. We started upstairs in the bonus room where the generator power is easiest to get to, but soon had to move the party and the cords to the living room.
  • The evening was so fun. I am not sure that Robby thought it was as fun as I did, but the kids will never forget it. We all hung out upstairs while they played games. They even did a bit of hide n seek in the dark upstairs. Later, everyone moved to downstairs. Tony even played the guitar while Whitman danced. It was just a good evening.
  • When the Wilson's left, we got the kids settled in downstairs with fans blowing on them. Robby plugged up the fridge inside and refilled the generator with gas. We were just walking down the hallway to our room when "pop" on goes the lights. 
  • We moved the kids back upstairs. Then Robby picked up the outside stuff while I tried to work on the inside stuff. There were blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights, miles of extension cords, fans, and plenty of other things to pick up! It didn't take too long and the rest we will do in the morning.
  • Robby was just about to get in the shower after all of this but saw a huge spider. He killed it with a shoe, and then noticed many, many tiny spiders crawling around everywhere. I grabbed the bug spray, and he went to town spraying. It was quite an adventure as well!
  • The house is cool again and spider free right now! And since we have already had ice cream, I guess that it is time for bed!

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