July 18, 2018

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  • Robby was already gone this morning when I stirred. He took my car to change the oil. We couldn't just let one car be in the shop, we felt that if one had to go to the shop, then they both should. Now, my oil change was a bit simpler than Robby's work but all cars are healthy now (though I am almost in need of new tires.)
  • The plan had been for us to meet our people at the pool, but the rain this morning pushed those plans back to the afternoon. So we worked on our reading, Whitman's school work and chores around the house.
  • The only excitement during the morning time was when the termite man came. We were expecting him, but I guess that Robby and I neglected to tell all of the kids that he was here. Whitman walked by him giving him to stare down. I told him that he was looking for bugs in the house, and Whitman quietly whispered to me, "he looked like Daddy." That man had a hundred pounds on Robby and even less hair!
  • Anderson came down the stairs followed by Campbell. They both had a look on their face that told me that I indeed had not told them about the bug man! I will do better next time though since I am sure that he might have given them quite a shock!
  • At noon, we loaded up for free hot dogs, chips and a drink that The Buzz radio station. It was across town so on the way back we ran by Dairy Queen. The lady at the window was able to name 4 of the 6 kids names. That is pretty impressive, but we just have a few more weeks left on our cards before they finish up.
  • The next stop was dropping Robby off to pick up his car, and then we met the buddies at the pool. The kids swam for 2 and a half hours. They could have stayed longer, but I had to get them home. 
  • As soon as I dropped them off, I loaded back up and headed to the library. I met Sara at her library for an earring making class. We made 2 pairs of beaded earrings. And no, I probably won't ever make them but I sure did have fun. I think it would be a fun craft though to do at Reagan's birthday party. We will see if I can convince her!
  • The kids played outside some while I was gone. Robby mowed some until he belt came off. Later tonight while he was working on our ice maker, he moaned that he was tired of fixing things around here. Indeed, it does seem like most things are falling apart! I made some cookies for a snack and the kids ate them while watching some tv before bed.

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