August 10, 2018

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  • Even though we didn't have school this morning, we still had plenty of things to do. I had planned on us eating breakfast together at the normal time, but I couldn't bring myself to wake up the kids that early since they were all still snoozing. 
  • I let them sleep as long as they could but did end up having to wake up Reagan. Everyone else did gradually wake up. Now, I also hated making them stop what they were doing this morning and start having everyone work on their chores. 
  • We scrambled around cleaning potties, vacuuming and packing bags until 10:15 when we loaded up the car. Our first stop was Dairy Queen for free ice cream cones. The kids had summer reading cards from Dairy Queen and when you read 10 books, you received a free cone. The kids enjoyed their cones. While we were sitting there eating, I realized that we have now turned Keaton into an ice cream eater. When we started our weekly Dairy Queen visits, Keaton rarely wanted anything or would eat very little of her ice cream. Now, she can down a Blizzard in just a few minutes.
  • After Dairy Queen, we drove on to Lifeway. They also had a summer reading program. We turned in our papers, and everyone received a book and a Bible. The Bibles we will give away to someone, but the books are pretty neat. 
  • Nonna and Pops met us at Lifeway to take Anderson with them to spend the night. Then we ran to Grannymom's house to drop Graham off to spend the night over there. The next stop was to the pool. It was pretty warm there so I did eventually climb in. Reagan never did get in nor did Robby, who showed up for a bit at lunch time.
  • Eventually, he left with Reagan to run on home, but first she did get to use her Tropical Smoothie gift card. Once at home, we unloaded the cars before putting on dry clothes. The afternoon was fairly short since we didn't really get home and unloaded until nearly 4. 
  • Robby and I started on supper as Shannon showed up. We made meatball subs which were pretty yummy. Then we made our focaccia bread from our Silver Dollar City cooking school. We made two batches, one for Shannon and one for us.
  • After letting them rise for an hour, we cooked one and then topped it with cheese. It was pretty delicious. The kids really enjoyed the warm bread because when I cleaned up the kitchen we just had about 2 pieces left. Overall, the recipe was a keeper.
  • The Wilsons stayed for a while and Brett and the girls played a few rounds of Skip Bo. My kiddos finally went to bed around 11 tonight. Whitman, who was delighted that we let him sleep in his clothes, is soundly sleeping in the girls room. 

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