August 22, 2018

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  • When I went to wake everyone up this morning, I found Graham in Whitman's bed and Keaton in Campbell's bed. I think that we could possibly sell some of the beds in this house and clear up some space since people seem to be rarely sleeping in their own beds.
  • Even though we had a pretty good breakfast yesterday, Whitman was in tears because he wanted pancakes. So this morning, I looked in all of the freezers for pancakes, but unfortunately we were all out. I did put some on the grocery list. However, Whitman didn't mention pancakes this morning.
  • After our breakfast, we did our daily school work. Then it was time for everyone work together. For some reason, Anderson was in no hurry today. Yet, when it was after lunch, and he realized how much he had left, he was pretty upset. Hopefully, he will figure out how to manage his time a bit better.
  • On the other hand, there is Reagan who spent her morning working on today's school and tomorrow's school. I am glad that she can get her work done, but then part of me starts to wonder if she has enough to do. 
  • We had our lunch this morning. Even though the kids make their own lunches on most days, I do feel like a short order cook. This is a list of foods today eaten at lunch: pizza, barbecue, cheesy bread, chips, pretzels, quesadilla, beans, apples, hot dog and a wrap. That list doesn't seem like a lot but trust me, it seems like a lot.
  • This afternoon was spent finishing school, reading and working on Whitman's reading. Soon it was time to load up for church. I took Graham with me, and we headed to the library. I know I said it last week, but I just love getting my library books each week. Today I was delighted because I turned in 25 and checked out 23. That was great. Now to finish more this week than I pick up next week. 
  • We then met everyone else at ChickFilA for supper. Keaton and Reagan could hardly wait to get to church tonight. Everyone loves this classes. Anderson and Graham found out that they both were put in the group that they wanted to be in. 
  • I let everyone play on the playground a bit before heading home. Once we did make it home, the kids changed, and then we had a bit of a snack before bedtime.

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