August 1, 2018

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  • Graham was awake this morning and working on his math right after 7 this morning. It was new math, so I did have to help him which was easier than watching the video. I am always relieved when I know how to do their math. Honestly though I never remember doing any of this math in high school or college. I think that math has some how changed through the years.
  • Soon I was upstairs waking everyone up to start their day. Reagan was the last to stumble down the steps, but she did make it in time for breakfast. The breakfast food of choice today was poptarts and granola bars.
  • We soon did our reading, and then the kids started to work on their school work. Reagan again had a science experiment. It wasn't a grand or exciting experiment, but she did it by herself. We had also done a little experiment while we were working together. It involved M&Ms. I am not sure if anyone learned anything, but everyone enjoyed their little snack.
  • Around noon, Anderson left with Robby to grab something to eat while the rest of us ate here. Soon we loaded up to leave for the afternoon. We stopped at Reagan's orthodontist because they were giving away free snow cones away to patients and their families. (Though the little at the desk didn't really want to give all of the kids tokens for a snow cone.)
  • We had to wait a few minutes for our snow cones but I guess that they were worth the wait because the kids pretty much devoured them. Then we headed to the pool the meet our buddies. Soon Robby brought Anderson to meet up with us. 
  • The kids swam and played for about 2 and a half hours. Then we loaded up to head to Barnes and Noble. Everyone completed their summer reading program so they all received a free book. Whitman wasn't old enough, but he didn't seem to care at all. I love the book store, and unfortunately my kids only seem to love the toys at the bookstore. 
  • Afterwards, we ran by Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. I think that the kids will miss the people that work there. There is even one lady that knows most of the kids names which means that we have been there way too much. On the way home, we finished one of our books on tape and then even listened to our Latin cd.
  • The kids played outside some before coming in. I sat down on the couch and missed Robby cooking supper. As soon as everyone ate, the girls ran back outside to play while the boys started on their showers. 
  • Ice cream sandwiches were dessert tonight and shortly thereafter, it was bedtime for the crew. Whitman was so interested in his ipad that he refused to leave it for his dessert. That was fine with us! More for another day!

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