August 18, 2018

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  • What started off as a slow day ended up being a pretty busy day. Anderson had spent the night at Grannymom's house so we did wake up with one less person at the house. I do believe that Robby and I were the last ones out of bed this morning-these silly kids don't know how important sleeping in on Saturdays really is.
  • There really wasn't much happening at all this morning. Of course we did the normal laundry and dishes. Robby and I both walked on the treadmill. Alyssa came over and hung with us for a while. 
  • Robby grilled hot dogs for the kids' lunch. Then I ran Alyssa and Reagan to their last Bible study. They went to a Mexican ice cream spot. I asked Reagan if she liked her ice cream. She said that there was a strawberry and cream one that she liked very much. She also picked another one that she thought was chocolate chip but it was raisin!
  • Jodee picked them up, and they ran to a party before heading to Amplify. Robby decided to take the little to the pool for about an hour and a half. Grannymom and Grandpa brought Anderson home. Then I had a bit of downtime before Robby and the littles arrived back home.
  • They changed their clothes while Robby cut Anderson's hair. Then we all jumped in the car to head to Amplify. First we picked up Caroline, then Brett, Layne and Layne's friend. Once there we did meet up with Reagan and Alyssa Kate so yep, that was 11 kiddos that we were responsible for tonight. 
  • It was a bit sticky tonight and the ground was pretty muddy in quite a few places. The kids enjoyed walking around some. The food lines were ridiculously long, but everyone did buy some type of treat to enjoy during the concert.
  • Whitman couldn't have been any better. He played most of the time with an empty Sprite bottle. Now, I am sure that he was pretty bored because once he told us, "it is after 9, we should probably go home." 
  • The concert was almost over when we did head to the car. Keaton was sitting a bit away from us so I had her come back. Then during the next song, I had Alyssa and Reagan walk back over to us. I was relieved to know exactly where all of our people were again!
  • Once we made it home, it was shower time. I knew Whitman had been asleep in the car but didn't stay diligent about keeping him awake, so he missed his shower chance and was put right to bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day so hope everyone sleeps well.

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