August 16, 2018

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  • Anderson and Graham were up early this morning and immediately started on their school. Graham felt like he had a lot of work today (he didn't) so he started as early as he could.
  • We had our breakfast, did our reading and then the kids started on their school work. Since no one had spelling today, everything went really smoothly. Reagan had finished her school work for today yesterday so she was done early. 
  • After our lunch, we did a bit more reading along with some chores. Then we loaded up to head to the Museum of Discovery. We just have a few more months left on our pass to the museum so I feel like I need to use it to the fullest. 
  • The kids always enjoy it even though quite a bit of the things are the same each time. There was a new exhibit about diamonds which was kind of interesting though. I had to go out once to feed the meter again. I tried to use my credit card, but the machine didn't like my Discover so I had to use some quarters from Campbell's bag.
  • While we were at the museum today, a worker with a snake wrapped around his arm asked Whitman if he wanted to touch a snake. Whitman looked at the man, looked at what was on his arm and jumped back while shouting "no." A bit later, Whitman approached the man and asked if the snake was tame. He did finally pet the snake!
  • After the museum, we ran to Dairy Queen. While I was ordering, the lady taking my order starting guessing the kids orders and also asked if one was for Reagan. The one lady knows most of the kids' names. As she was handing the Blizzards to us, she whispered to me, "I made one extra for you." That was incredibly sweet even though we have 7 cards so one was already for me! I just smiled and thanked her. The kids passed around the extra one and soon it was also gone.
  • From there, we headed to Lifeway to have Reagan's name put on her Bible. It was actually free this week so that couldn't have worked out any better. Our next, and final stop, was the pool. Robby met us there and brought supper.
  • We did stay and swim until closing time at 8. The kids enjoyed playing with the Kamps who were there as well. By the end, I was a bit chilly even though I read that the heat index was 107 today. 
  • Once we made it home, everyne had their showers, and we watched a Bates tv show before bedtime. It is a good thing that we don't have school tomorrow because my kiddo will be tired since we stayed up much later than even our usual late bedtime. 

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