August 23, 2018

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  • This morning Anderson and Whitman were awake before I left my bedroom. Anderson was working on his ipad doing some math so Whitman thought that he would also get his ipad to do a bit of movie watching. 
  • Whitman so wanted to do math on his ipad today just like everyone else. I would have happily let him except he hadn't even started on any of his paper work. It was almost noon today when I had to sit down with Whitman and get him moving. We worked together and finished his work fairly quickly.
  • Everyone ate breakfast this morning and once again we are out of milk. We used to do so good always staying stocked up on milk. Then we slowed down to one gallon every few days. Somehow in the last few months, our milk level is back up again. It is not nearly back up to a gallon a day like we have done in the past. Either way, we are out of milk, and I didn't even mention it to Robby for his grocery store run tonight.
  • We had our lunches today-pizza, cheese toast, beans, pretzels, chips, barbecue, and a sandwich. Not as many choices as yesterday's lunch. And we still have a fridge full of leftovers. After lunch, everyone worked on chores. Sometimes I wonder if we should just do all of our cleaning chores on one day during the week. The kids do the easy things on Monday (like cleaning the bonus room) but wait until the end of the week to do the more difficult things (like cleaning the potties.) I guess this is all fine, but I never feel like the house is clean. At least if we did it all on one day, at least for an hour or so things would seem clean.
  • Around 4, we loaded up to head to Sonic for drinks. Then we stopped by Grandpa's house to drop off some boards. Reagan has decided that she wants to make a sign with my cricut to sell. That sounds perfectly fine, but I am not exactly how she will sell it. I need to find a kid craft show I guess!
  • The pool was our next stop. The Heltz family was all there tonight. I don't think that the pool was that incredibly cold, but outside of the pool it was definitely cold. At one point, I even thought about covering up with a towel! 
  • Robby brought corn dogs for our supper. The kids devoured them. We stayed until closing time and then headed home. The kids had showers and then had a few minutes to play before their bedtime!

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