August 30, 2018

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  • Last day of school for the week. Graham was again the only one awake this morning. He came into my room fairly early needing helping on his math. His math today was fairly easy to do (3x=27) so I was fairly relieved that it was something that I could do and explain.
  • I still had to wake up the others this morning. We did our reading and then started to school. At one point, I couldn't find Whitman. I knew that boy was hiding from me. It was a good thing it took me a while to find him because I was super mad with that little guy. I did finally find him and put him right to work. 
  • I basically have 3 kids that work fast and hard and three that take their sweet time. However, I guess it doesn't really matter because all of the work is eventually finished, and everyone has plenty of free time for the rest of the day.
  • The free time today was spent making more rainbow loom bracelets, redoing the hair on all of the American Girl dolls, and some basketball playing. Keaton went with Robby for an errand and lunch today. 
  • My afternoon list has seemed to be a bit longer these days. I did get everything accomplished today just barely. Robby did help me make our mango and pineapple salsa later in the day. I think that it is going to be pretty great. Now, I do wish that all of my ingredients were from my garden, but we can work on that next year.
  • I soon headed to Bunko while the kids ate Arbys and headed to the pool. They were able to swim for an hour and a half before it thundered and they had to leave. It was late but once at home, the kids began a movie. They were awake when I came home from Bunko but were at least heading to bed.

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