August 20, 2018

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  • Everyone was asleep this morning, but when I opened the boys' door to wake them up, Graham jumped up and shouted "good morning." Bless, that boy coughed a good bit of the night and pretty much all day long. He has a pretty good cold. Whitman and Campbell also have running noses but hopefully they don't get his cough.
  • Once everyone was awake, they were in fairly good moods. Well, we did have to move our normal work together from my room into the kitchen. We finished our working together about the normal time. However, everything about school today seemed to take forever.
  • I have been expecting things to catch up with me since last year it took me until noon to work with everyone individually. This year we have also added Whitman to the mix and I am reading a chapter book with all 4 big kids during our work together time as well. So this was the first day that it was after lunch when I finally finished with everyone. 
  • Reagan did run to lunch with Robby, but she has some how managed to finish at least two and a half days of school. Her doing extra probably did slow me down some, but I am definitely glad that she is working ahead some. She is currently working on Wednesday's math. I thought she was, but she has apparently spent quite a bit of time drawing an excellent sheep on her assignment page. Now, I am not really sure what she will do for the rest of the week if she finishes all of her school work. I guess I will have her be Whitman's teacher.
  • After lunch, we finished up school. I might add that Anderson finished before lunch today. He was pretty proud of himself and sped through his chores. The afternoon was spent just around the house. Campbell and Reagan did make smoothies for their snack this afternoon.
  • As I was finishing up the treadmill, Robby took the little 3 to the pool. We didn't make everyone go because the plan is to go tomorrow. I stayed home with the big 3. We ate our supper-which they promptly called "mushy." 
  • After the pool, everyone else was eating and lo and behold, Whitman called it "mushy" too. I guess the chicken enchiladas might have been on the mushy side. I did leave the foil on the whole time so I think that was the reason. Though possibly it was because they were frozen though that has never happened before. Pioneer Woman always toast her tortillas before putting them in her enchiladas. Oh well, it killed hunger!
  • The evening flew by and the kiddos vegged out before bedtime. Tomorrow will be another busy day!

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